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Convergence banner.jpg
Zone Infinite Forest, Mercury
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Expansion Season of the Outlaw icon.pngForsaken

Convergence is a PvP Map.


Game Types:


Nessus covers the whole west side of the map and consists of 5 sections.

  • Nessus Backfield is on the furthest right, and is where you initially spawn.
  • Nessus Base is a high-traffic area since it contains Capture point A. There's a tree in the middle of the base that you can climb on and surprise your enemies.
  • Nessus Corridor is on the south side of Nessus and consists of narrow passageways that will lead you to Waterfall.
  • Nessus Mid serves as the quickest way to get from Nessus Base to the Center, which contains another capture point. It also has a few good sniping angles.
  • Nessus Ledge is on the north and serves as an alternative route to the Center. This is another good sniping location.


Being at the heart of the map Center is pretty open, but also has many small covers that you can use to hold the position. It contains Capture point B and is important in Clash/Supremacy matches.

  • Bridge lets you move between Nessus to IO without engaging in the middle.
  • Waterfall is all the way down south. It is an important area in Survival and Control matches.


IO takes up the east side of Convergence. The area is similar to Nessus and can be divided into 5 subsections.

  • IO Mid is a busy area as it's the fastest way to get from Center to IO Base, both of which are crucial locations.
  • IO Ledge is another route from IO Base to Center that's usually less traveled. From it, you can cover Nessus Ledge and make sure no enemies pass through.
  • IO Base has Capture point C right at the heart of it.
  • IO Corridor will take you from IO Base to Waterfall. This is a narrow part of the map perfect for close combat.
  • IO Backfield serves as an initial spawn location and is where you can retreat to replenish HP if the things get too chaotic.


  • Convergence mixes close and long combat, so having teammates that are good with sniper and shotgun is crucial.
  • If you are an aggressive player, it's best to stay in the middle area of the map, near the Bridge.


Callout Map by /u/r3likt