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Crucible Supremacy icon.png
Defeat your opponents and secure their Crests.

Supremacy is a rotating weekly PvP mode accessible from The Crucible. Players earn Valor in this mode.


Supremacy matches feature a ten-minute time limit and all players respawn automatically two seconds after death. When a player dies, they drop a crest. The objective of this mode is to collect more crests than the opposing team.

Killing an enemy will add 1 point to the score and collecting an enemy crest will grant an additional point. Collecting fallen teammates' crests will not score any points, but will prevent the enemy team from collecting them. The first team to score 150 points or the team with more points at the end of the match is declared the winner.

There is only one Heavy ammo spawn location. It will spawn in at 60 seconds and then every 120 seconds.


The following maps support the Supremacy match type:

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