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Visual Timer on Bomb

Countdown is a PvP Mode accessible from The Crucible.


Countdown is a 4v4 mode available only as a weekly rotating gamemode. It consists of up to 11 rounds of play.


Countdown is very similar to the Bomb Defusal mode in the popular e-sports FPS series - Counter-Strike. It features 2 bomb sites where a team must plant a charge and the other team must make sure they do not achieve this. Each team has 2 ways of winning a round.

Attacking team can either:

  • Get to one of the 2 sites and arm & detonate a bomb before the 2-minute round timer expires;
  • Eliminate the opposing team before or after arming a bomb and before the round timer has expired;

Defending Team can either:

  • Defuse a bomb that has already been armed by the attacking team;
  • Stop the attacking team from setting a charge in the 2-minute limit. This can be done in 2 ways:
    • Eliminate the entire attacking team before they manage to set a charge;
    • Keep the attacking team away from the bombsite locations and let the timer expire;

A charge takes about 3 seconds to be armed and a bit over 5 seconds to be defused. When a charge is set, the 2-minute timer and the other charge are taken out of play. Instead, the bomb timer starts ticking down until it explodes or is defused, which ends the round. A bomb timer will expire after approximately 40 seconds.

The first team to win 6 rounds is declared the winner.

Power Ammo

There is only 1 Power Ammo spawn point in each Countdown match. These become active 30 seconds into the match and respawn every 60 seconds.


Automatic respawns are not featured in Countdown. Instead, each player has a single Revive Token for each round which they can use to revive an ally. If a player dies and they have not used their token, it is permanently lost.

A player can only be respawned when they have died at least 20 seconds ago.


The following maps support the Countdown match type:

Beginner Tips

  • Communication is key in Countdown. Make sure your entire team is on the same page and you are attacking the same charge site or you have deployed some defense on both sites.
  • If you are on defense and a charge is already set, killing the opposing team is a secondary objective. Your main goal will be to get to that charge and defuse it as soon as possible. Even if all attackers are dead, if the charge detonates, you will lose the round.
  • Whenever you get a chance to use your Revive Token - do it. Every resurrected ally is a welcome asset.