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Contact event.jpg
Enemy Types Vex, Cabal, Taken
Objective Charge the bank.
Description Contact made near the Rupture.

Contact is a Public Event added in the Season of Arrivals. Its stated recommended Power Level is 990, but enemy power level goes up to 1040.


Vaulted destinations
Titan Siren's Watch · The Rig
Io The Rupture · Lost Oasis


Contact has to be activated manually, which can be done by any player, and everyone in the zone is able to participate.

A bank device appears in the area, and enemies drop orange-colored motes on death. Players have to fill the bank with these motes before the time runs out. Each player can carry a maximum of 10 motes, an upgrade from Prismatic Recaster increases that amount to 15. Players lose motes they carried on death, they also disappear if left on the ground for too long.

There are four waves in total, Taken blockers spawn during each one. The bank is inaccessible while there are Taken in the area. At the end of the fourth wave a boss spawns, and the reward chest appears after it is defeated. If the event is failed, the reward chest still appears, but contains only planetary materials.

Contact can be turned Heroic by depositing Blooms into the bank. The Pyramid shines a beam on a glowing orange area which contains a relic. Players have to defeat a boss and Champions that guard it to be able to pick up the Bloom relic. They give a large percentage boost to the objective, and if deposited during each round, the event becomes Heroic and a boss with special mechanics appears at the end.

The Taken Pyromaster (Taken Incendior) has a shield that can be removed by destroying a Taken Blight. The Taken Monstrosity (Taken Ogre) is constantly being healed by Taken Fleshcrafters (Taken Wizard), although this healing can be outdamaged. The Taken Howler and Taken Blade Brother are Taken Knights that become shielded if they move too far from each other. The Taken Blade Brother respawns shortly after it is killed.