Will of the Thousands (Strike)

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Will of the Thousands (Strike)
Will of the Thousands Strike banner.png
Location Mars
Players 3
Expansion Warmind
Enemies Hive
Boss Xol, Will of the Thousands
Description Defeat Xol before everything is destroyed.

Will of the Thousands is a strike located on Mars. It was introduced in Warmind.


Enemies Encountered


  • Xol, Will of the Thousands


Braytech Futurescape

Summon your vehicle and head out north towards the power station. Throughout the path, you will be attacked by Acolytes and Knights. It is safest to engage them from a distance, but you can always breeze through if you are feeling risky.

Alton Dynamo

Go through the icy cave, drop down to the facility and clear nearby Acolytes, Thralls, and a Kamus Knight. Kamus Vanquisher will spawn under the Shrieker, so you should keep your distance. When you are done, destroy the generator to open the nearby doors. Use a long-range weapon to shoot off Acolytes from afar, then defeat the Knight. Get through another wave and check the Neural Node that is marked on your HUD. You will need to wait for Neural Network to stabilize and defend your position from waves of Thralls, Acolytes, Knights, and a Kamus Wizard. Then, destroy the generator above you and proceed forward.

You will face an Unhallowed Shrieker, so use nearby boxes as protection from its projectiles, while also clearing nearby Vanquishers. Take out the next generator and proceed through the door. As you go down the stairs, you will be immediately greeted by Acolytes, Kamus Vanquisher, and an Ogre. Once it is defeated, get to the core and initiate a complete meltdown by throwing the Valkyrie javelin into the generator. Go through the doors on your right and power through nearby Acolytes, following the waypoint through the facility.

Xol, Will of the Thousands

Your path to Rasputin's Core will suddenly be destroyed by a giant worm called Xol, Will of the Thousands. Drop down and engage by shooting him in the mouth, which is his weak spot. He has a powerful fire attack you will want to avoid. Additionally, do not come to close to him, as he will rear his head and swallow you, which results in instant death. Touching Xol when he crawls across the stage also results in death. When you drop him to 2/3 of HP, Xol will retreat and summon a massive wave of enemies, led by a few Kamus Wizards, and the floor will be covered in purple substance which deals damage. When you defeat them, Xol will pop up and repeat the whole process one more time, spawning Ogres as Ana is bringing the Neural Net online. Use the Valkyrie to quickly finish him.


The Nightfall version of this strike has a chance to drop the Worm God Incarnation.

Worm God Incarnation icon.jpg
Worm God Incarnation
Transmat Effect

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