Battleground: Behemoth

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Battleground: Behemoth
Battleground Behemoth Strike banner.jpg
Location Nessus
Players 1-3
Power 1100
Expansion Season of the Chosen icon.pngSeason of the Chosen
Enemies Cabal, Vex
Boss Commander Dracus (Legionary)
Description Empress Caiatl has deployed a tank fortress to Nessus and opened an invitation to survivors of the Red Legion to vie for a seat on her War Council. Vanquish the Cabal and prove yourself in glorious combat against her Chosen.

Battleground: Behemoth is an Arena introduced in the Season of the Chosen. It was originally part of the Battlegrounds playlist.

With the release of The Witch Queen, and the removal of the Season of the Chosen content, it is now only available through the Vanguard Ops playlist as a randomly-chosen Strike. It cannot be launched as a mission directly from the Director. The version from the Battlegrounds playlist with Champion enemies is also not available.


The Tangle

Watcher's Grave

Rite of Proving