Warden of Nothing

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Warden of Nothing
Warden of Nothing Strike banner.png
Location Prison of Elders (Dreaming City[1])
Players 1-3
Power 1050
Expansion Season of the Outlaw icon.pngForsaken
Enemies Cabal, Vex
Boss The Mad Warden (Servitor)
Description Help the Drifter restore order at the Prison of Elders.

Warden of Nothing is a strike introduced in Forsaken.


Enemies Encountered

Enemy Information
Normal - - -
Adept - text-center text-center text-center text-center
Hero - text-center text-center text-center text-center
Legend - text-center text-center text-center text-center
Master - text-center text-center text-center text-center
Grandmaster - text-center text-center text-center
Enemies Champions
Cabal, Vex text-center text-center text-center
text-center Arc
text-center Solar
text-center Void
text-center Barrier
text-center Overload
text-center Unstoppable



Airlock Six

As you enter the Prison of Elders, follow the path to a group of Goblins and Fanatics on a bridge. Defeat the Vex, go across the bridge and through the door. Scan the terminal to remove the transport vehicle from the tunnel and proceed through it. Other transports will occasionally drive through the tunnels, jump off to the side to avoid them. Descend through the gap in the grates near the barrier.

Summon a sparrow or drive a pike, but you still need to avoid incoming trains. You will not be riding for long, jump down near the next barrier and proceed through the rooms where Cabal fight a Hydra and some Goblins. You can fight them off or just speed through the enemies. As you reach another tunnel with trains riding through them, turn left. You can drive a vehicle or proceed on foot while avoiding the trains, or you can climb up onto the rails where you cannot be hit by an incoming transport. You will eventually reach the stairs on the ground floor, take them into the restricted zone.

You will face Goblins, Hobgoblins, Minotaurs and a Hydra. There are also two train tracks with transports going in both directions. Take cover and get the Hobgoblins first, then go for the Hydra. Defeat the Vex and a Minotaur miniboss, Apaktos, Oxidizing Mind, will appear. Defeat it to remove the barrier, then proceed through the tube.

The Arena

Do not bother with enemies behind the glass, go through the door and fight off the Cabal. A Wanted enemy, a Colossus, will be among them, either defeat it or wait until it escapes. Proceed into the grav lift tube.

You will arrive into the arena proper. First, you have to defeat all of the Vex and the Cabal in the area. Then, a splinter mine will appear, the players have to stand on it to defuse it, while fighting more enemies. After one mine is successfully defused, two more will appear at the same time, you have to defuse them, too. Afterwards, a big metal sphere will appear in the middle, and a Colossus miniboss, Ta'aul, Disgraced Colossus will step out of it. Once you defeat him, a path forward will open. Go through the door and drop all the way down to the Correction Labs.

Correction Labs

Open the chest and the platform under your feet will disappear. You will land in front of the boss area. Jump onto the big platform where Vex and Cabal fight each other and defeat them to summon The Mad Warden.

The Mad Warden spawns Cabal and Vex enemies, and shoots Solar Beams at the players. As his health goes lower, he unleashes a powerful Solar Detonation attack. Hide from it in the shadows behind obstacles.


The Nightfall version of this strike has a chance to drop the Warden's Law.

Wardens law icon1.jpg Kinetic Warden's Law
Primary ammo Hand Cannon


  1. Warden of Nothing was originally launched from the Tangled Shore map. Upon the release of The Witch Queen, the Tangled Shore was Vaulted. As a result, the launch icon for Warden of Nothing now appears on the Dreaming City map in the Director.
  2. "Activity Enemy Information." Google Sheets, Created by Kimber Prime with the help of ReD_ReD_PaNdA, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tB87AL467rpjsIAe6PkMdVI3hHQ9rGFbcwQCDCACRZI. Accessed Jul 20 2021.

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