The Insight Terminus

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The Insight Terminus
The Insight Terminus Strike banner.png
Location Nessus
Players 1-3
Power 1050
Expansion Warmind season icon.pngWarmind
Enemies Vex, Cabal
Boss Kargen the Technocrat (Psion)
Description Break into the ancient Vex installation.
Ghost icon.png Not what you were looking for?
See Insight Terminus (Emblem).

The Insight Terminus is a strike located on Nessus.


Enemies Encountered

Enemy Information
Normal - - -
Adept - Solar.png Void.png
Hero Arc.png - Void.png Void.png
Legend Arc.png - Void.png Void.png
Master - - Void.png Void.png
Grandmaster - - Void.png Void.png
Enemies Champions
Cabal, Vex Barrier icon.png Overload icon.png
Arc.png Arc
Solar.png Solar
Void.png Void
Barrier icon.png Barrier
Overload icon.png Overload
Unstoppable icon.png Unstoppable


  • Kargen the Technocrat (Psion)


The Tangle

Summon your vehicle and take the path on your right to the valley. Take your first right into the cave.

The Mists

You will be immediately attacked by Harpies, Goblins, and a couple of Minotaurs. Use nearby surroundings as cover, and clear the Minotaurs first. Drop down and you will encounter a few Legionaries, which tells you that the Cabal are also invading the installment. Go to your left and focus on Valus Pra'urg, a Colossus, and Psions as they have powerful long-range weapons. Follow the waypoint deeper into a gooey cave and prepare for a wave of Goblins. You will come out to a room where you will encounter Kargen, the Technocrat. He will quickly set up a shield and retreat, leaving you to deal with waves of War Beasts, Gladiators and Incendiors. Defeat them and you will be able to jump through the portal.

Vinculum Cell

Drop down and clear out nearby Psions and Legionaries. Kargen will once again try to slow you down by setting up the shield. You will be attacked by a large amount of Honored Legionaries, Psions, Ouragos Phalanxes, and two Centurions, Val Urgus and Val Ghuusk, which spawn one after another in Cabal drop pods. Defeated Centurions drop charges required to unlock the gate leading to Kargen. Once it is opened, beheaded Goblins come out of it, defeat them and descend deeper into the cave.

Quiet Epiphany

Jump into the well and clear out the Goblins. Head on out and get to the big open arena where Kargen awaits.

Clear out all enemies and stand on the Sync Plates to make him engage you. Kargen uses a Projection Rifle that lets him shoot a bunch of orbs at you, so you should always be moving. He is also very mobile and has a lot of health. Do not stand to close to him, as he will use Psionic Rupture which creates a shockwave that will send you falling to your death. Finally, Kargen also utilizes Psionic Blasts that spread Void ruptures which deal a lot of damage.

Keep your distance and continue to blast him until he drops to 2/3 of HP. He will once again use a Vex cage to shield himself and summon Legionaries, War Beasts, and Gladiators. Take them all out and stand on the plates again. This process will repeat one more time when he will summon Ouragos Phalanxes and Honored Incendiors. Kargen will start firing much more Psionic Blasts when his health is low.


The Nightfall version of this strike has a chance to drop The Long Goodbye.

The long goodbye icon1.jpg Arc The Long Goodbye
Special ammo Sniper Rifle


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