Will of the Thousands

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See Will of the Thousands (Emblem) or Will of the Thousands (Strike).
Will of the Thousands
Type Story Mission
Location Mars
Recommended Power 340
Description Xol has surfaced and is attacking Rasputin. You're out of time. But Ana has one last plan.
Enemy Types Hive
Bosses Xol, Will of the Thousands
Previous Strange Terrain
Next Last Call

Will of the Thousands is a Story Mission introduced with the Warmind expansion.

Mission Walkthrough

Will of the Thousands is the fifth and final mission of the Warmind expansion and it takes place once again on Mars. First, you will have to follow the waypoints until you reach the Dynamo Approach where you will encounter a few Acolytes that should be easy to take down and a few Kamus Knights which can be tricky due to their shields. Defeat the enemies and follow the waypoints into the tunnels.

Now that you have reached the tunnels, advanced further until you reach Alton Dynamo, where the Rasputin core is located. Shoot down the various enemies that are guarding the area. Focus on the smaller ones first, like the Acolytes and then deal with more powerful ones like Knights. Kill them all and proceed to disable the inhibitor by shooting it. After doing so, take the stairs and head over to the next area where you will face more enemies. Defeat them and proceed to investigate the Neural Node.

After you have scanned the Neural Node, you will be ambushed by many enemies. Take care at the Cursed Thralls and the Kamus Wizard that are going to spawn. Again, make sure to kill the small enemies first and then use your abilities on the bigger ones. During your fight, Ana Bray will open up the inhibitor vent, allowing you to shoot it and eventually destroy it. Evacuate the room after doing so by following the waypoint.

In the next room, you will be once again be ambushed by Acolytes. They should be pretty easy to take down. As you advance further, be prepared to be charged at by a Vanquisher. Make your way to the panel and activate the inhibitor vent. After enabling it, you must destroy it.

Head over to the where the waypoints guide you and be prepared because you will have to face a mini-boss. More exactly, the Sulhava, Vassal to Xol. Make sure to use your AOE dealing weapon in order to disperse the many enemies accompanying her and pick up the Valkyrie. Use it to destroy the last core and go over the next room to which is filled with enemies to defend Rasputin.

After you have reached Hellas View jump down the corridor that has just been obliterated and start the final battle with Xol, Will of the Thousands. To defeat him you must use your movement and Super abilities wisely. To deal more damage to him, shoot him straight into the yellow circle inside his mouth that shoots out lasers. After a while, the powerful Valkyrie can be used in order to damage him. Pick it up and make sure to aim accordingly. After you leave him with half of its health, more enemies will spawn that you will have to defeat. Deal with them and then focus on inflicting more damage upon Xol.

In order to complete the mission, you must defeat Xol and finish the cinematic cutscene at the end of the mission.

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