Strange Terrain

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Strange Terrain
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location Mars
Recommended Power 340
Previous Off-World Recovery
Next Will of the Thousands
See also: Strange Terrain (Strike) and Strange Terrain (Emblem)

Strange Terrain is a Story Mission introduced with the Warmind expansion.

It is part of the Warmind Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

The fourth mission of the Warmind expansion takes place on Mars and will have you enter the Hive territory in order to draw Xol out.

The mission starts you off near a cave. Enter the cave and follow the waypoints until you reach Olympus Descent, where a Knight and a couple of Acolytes will await you. Move forward into the cave and you will encounter more enemies, the most notable one being a Namus Wizard which has a shield and cand shoot powerful beams at you, so be careful. Focus on killing the smaller enemies first and then deal with the Wizard and the various Knights.

After dealing with them, follow the waypoints and proceed further into the cave. When you arrive at the big pillar in the middle of the cave, pay attention to the Vanquisher Knight that will charge at you and the Thralls surrounding him. Kill them and proceed to clear the path full of enemies and a Ugul Gar Knight which should drop a relic that you can throw at the crystal. To make him drop the energy relic, you must kill him.

Throwing the relic into the crystal will unlock the next part of the mission. Keep going through the tunnels until you reach the Penumbral Depths. Be aware of the Cursed Thralls waiting at the end of the tunnel as they can deal lots of damage if you are staying close to them. Jump on the platform below you and deal with the Vanquisher and the Knights. Go a little further where the waypoint indicates and you should see four Suluh Knights doing a ritual near a platform. This ritual will spawn Šimmumah ur-Nokru, which is one of the mini-bosses from this mission. Defeat him and wander further into the tunnels where more enemies await you.

Shoot your way up until you have reached the restricted zone. Be careful, because you will not be able to respawn here. This area is populated with various types of enemies so be prepared for a fight. You will once again encounter a Ugul Gar Knight that should drop another relic that you can use to destroy the crystal. Kill the small enemies and use your supercharged on the mini-boss Kvada ur-Nokru.

After defeating the boss, go deeper into the tunnel and make your way into the next area where you will find another pair of Knights performing rituals. After defeating them, the final and the hardest boss fight of the mission will occur. A portal will spawn and Nokris, Herald of Xol will appear. Many enemies will accompany him, so make sure to deal with them before damaging him. In order to damage him, use the relics dropped by the Knights and destroy the crystals he uses for power.

In order to complete this mission, you must defeat Nokris and place the fragment in the middle of the platform. After this, a short cutscene will play.

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