Benedict 99-40

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Benedict 99-40
Benedict 99-40.png
Name Benedict 99-40
Title Leviathan
Faction Imperial faction icon1.png Loyalists
Race Frame
Gender Male-Programmed
Location The Tower
Description x#4(_ This maintenance frame is *amp;_ eager to assist you with #*amp; TREASURES FROM THE EMPEROR. x#9(_

Benedict 99-40 is a Loyalist NPC Vendor found in Annex, The Tower. He sells Imperial bounties and exchanges loot from Leviathan activites.


Benedict will accept 20 Emperor Calus Tokens to level reputation and reward an Imperial Engram, which contains a piece of gear that drops from Leviathan activities (Normal).

Vendor Goods (Season 2)

If the player is on a quest step requiring the inferior Legend of Acrius, additional copies can be purchased from Benedict 99-40 for Legendary Shards if the player manages to lose the first copy.

This vendor, like many other Faction Vendors, sells items normally obtained from Raids and Raid Lairs for Emperor Calus Tokens and Legendary Shards. Unlike other Faction Vendors, the items offered by Benedict 99-40 can only be purchased if the player has completed the associated activity since the last weekly reset (e.g. armor pieces exclusive to Prestige Leviathan cannot be purchased unless the player has completed Prestige Leviathan since the last weekly reset).

Armor Ornaments

If the player has fulfilled the conditions for at least one of the five Eater of Worlds Armor Ornaments for the armor sets exclusive to Leviathan, Eater of Worlds which can be unlocked with the current Class (out of 15 total), additional copies of the unlocked ornaments can be claimed at no cost. (All ornaments can only be obtained after a successful win against Prestige? Argos, the final boss of Prestige? Leviathan, Eater of Worlds; additionally, most ornaments require the completion of the various challenges in Prestige Leviathan.)

Unlocked with Titan:

Unlocked with Hunter:

Unlocked with Warlock:

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