Imperial Engram

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Imperial Engram
Legendary engram icon1.png
Type Engrams
Rarity Legendary
Description This engram will contain one faction item, as well as faction shaders and one additional reward.
Source Raids

This Faction Engram is obtained by increasing a character's reputation with Emperor Calus by turning in Emperor Calus Tokens to Benedict 99-40. The Attack or Defense values of the items into which the engram decrypts will be equal to the player's highest possible Base Power Level with a hard cap of 380.


Note that in regard to the items listed below, either a Faction Weapon or a piece of Faction Armor will drop, but not both.

Faction Weapons

  • 1 of the following:
Item Icon Type Slot Impact Range Stability Handling Reload Speed Rounds Per Minute
Alone as a god Alone as a god icon1.jpg Sniper Rifles Kinetic 55 40 42 69 65 140
Conspirator Conspirator icon1.jpg Scout Rifles Energy 60 43 45 68 60 200
Ghost Primus Ghost primus icon1.jpg Auto Rifles Kinetic 21 53 41 64 55 600
Inaugural Address Inaugural address icon1.jpg Pulse Rifles Energy 29 49 60 51 46 390
It Stared Back It stared back icon1.jpg Swords Power Weapons 62 46
Midnight Coup Midnight coup icon1.jpg Hand Cannons Kinetic 80 37 46 64 60 150
Mob Justice Mob justice icon1.jpg Submachine Guns Energy 20 46 44 59 55 900
Sins of the Past Sins of the past icon1.jpg Rocket Launchers Power Weapons 63 70 42 15

Faction Armor

Faction Shaders

Additional Rewards