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Clash is a PvP Mode accessible from The Crucible.


The Clash mode is a weekly rotating mode. This means that Clash matches feature an ten-minute time limit and all players will respawn automatically five seconds after death.


Clash is a traditional Team Deathmatch mode. The objective is to eliminate the enemy players while trying to keep your own team alive. Players will continuously respawn and killing an enemy will award +1 point to your team.

The winning team is the first to 100 points or the one with more points when the timer runs out (whichever happens first).

Power Ammo

In Clash matches, players will have one Power Ammo spawn points to locate. This becomes active 60 seconds into the game and again every 120 seconds.


The following maps support the Clash match type:

Beginner Tips

  • Kill/Death ratio is an important factor to winning Clash matches. If you are getting killed more than you kill your enemies, this will hurt your team. Do not be afraid to retreat from a fight.
  • Stick with your teammates. Even if you are not playing as a team, which will happen a lot with random people, just being in the same general area gives you an advantage against an opposing team that has split up.
  • Power Ammo can win you Clash matches. Keep track of it and you can also gain valuable intel on the strategies currently in play.