The Burnout

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The Burnout
The Burnout banner.jpg
Zone Vex Future, Infinite Forest
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Expansion Red War season icon.pngDestiny 2

The Burnout is a PvP Map.


Match Types:


Throne is a big open area on the south side of the map, right below the Middle. It contains Capture point B and provides a lot of covers if you need to regenerate your health. Around it, there are 3 smaller areas

  • East Yard contains initial spawn point in competitive mode and can be used to access East Tumbler. Since it provides a good amount of cover, this is a good sniping position from which you can defend point B.
  • Middle Yard is just behind a throne and serves as a good retreat point in which you can plan your next move while replenishing your health.
  • West Yard doesn't provide much cover, but gives you quick access to the West Tumbler.


Middle serves as the heart of the map. This is a hard position to hold, as there are a lot of entry points from which enemies can flank you. It is an important location in the Survival game mode.

  • Both West Tumbler and East Tumbler contain good sniping positions and are of crucial importance in Clash, Supremacy, and Control. In Quickplay, they serve as initial spawn locations.


Hall is on the northwest side of the map. It contains a second initial spawn location and Capture point A. It also connects West Tumbler, West Bridge, and Altar.


Northeast area is reserved for Library, which can be accessed from Altar, East Tumbler, and East Bridge. Capture point C makes this a high traffic area.


Altar is on the top of the map. It's a point of interest in Clash and Supremacy matches.


Bridge consists of West and East part. These are narrow, dangerous passageways, that are also the quickest route from point A to point B.


  • Try avoiding fighting near the Middle pillar entrance, both Tumbler points, and inside bridge entrances. There are common choke points.
  • Burnouts overlay is perfect for mid to long-range fights. We recommend using Pulse Rifles and Hand Cannons and securing a position on the outer parts of the map.
  • Aggressive close-range players will want to quickly get control over the inside areas of the Burnout.
  • This map is all about good positioning, so it's vital that you communicate with your team.


Callout Map by /u/r3likt