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Pacifica banner.jpg
Zone Tidal Anchor, Titan
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Expansion Curse of Osiris season icon.pngCurse of Osiris

Pacifica is a PvP Map.


Orange Deck

Orange Deck is on the Southwest side of the map, next to the Landing Pad. It contains a capture point, which makes it a high-traffic area.

Orange Bay

Orange Bay connects Orange Deck and Red Bay, which are 2 important control points. It is a high traffic area with multiple entry points.

Red Bay

Red Bay is a big area on the North part of the map. It contains one of the 3 Capture Points available in Control.

Blue Bay

Blue Bay is on the Northeast part of Pacifica, right between Storage and Red Bay. From here, you can also move to Blue Hallway or Alley for a surprise flank on the enemy.

Green Deck

Green Deck is on the Southside of the map and has a lot of entrances that make it unsafe. It contains a second Control capture point and is one of the areas from which you can push the enemies off the map.


Storage is an area on the east side of the map that serves as a second main spawning location. It has 3 access points and is pretty open, making it a challenging position to defend.


Catwalk is on the far north side and presents players with opportunities to push enemies off the map.


Vent is an alternative route that connects Red Bay with Orange Deck. Since both contain a control point, Vent can be used to quickly capture them both and establish dominance.


Access serves as a narrow passageway between Green Deck and Blue Hallway.


Alley serves as a quick but open route from Green Deck to Blue Bay. It doesn't contain much cover, which makes it risky.

Blue Hallway

Blue Hallway is a narrow passageway that connects Blue Bay and Storage. It provides a lot of covers and can be used for a surprise attack.


  • The map has many tight locations, making it perfect for close combat. We recommend using a good shotgun, such as Tractor Cannon, which can also help you push enemies over the edge. Submachine guns and swords are also very powerful in this surrounding.
  • There are a lot of tunnels and narrow passageways that you can use to flank the enemy. Master them and you will have an advantage.
  • Your best bet is to stay with your Fireteam and single out your targets.


Callout Map by /u/r3likt