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Bannerfall banner.jpg
Zone The Last City, Earth
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Expansion Red War season icon.pngDestiny 2

Bannerfall is a PvP Map.


Game Types:


Plaza is a huge open area right at the heart of Bannerfall. There are 5 entry points, which makes it a highly exposed area. It consists of 3 smaller locations:

  • Stump is at the far south side of Plaza and contains a Capture Zone.
  • Courtyard is on the north side of Bannerfall. This is where you will find Capture point B, so we are talking about a high-traffic area. We have Depot on the east and Market on the west, and this is the quickest route between the 2 locations.

The Courtyard also plays an important role in Clash, Survival, and Supremacy matches.

  • Passage is right above Courtyard and serves as an alternative route that will lead you to Top Market and Top Depot.


Market takes up the whole left side of the map. It contains the first Control point and is divided into 3 areas. In the northwest corner, there's an initial spawning location.

  • Top Market that can be accessed via Passage serves as a backdoor entrance.
  • Assembly Hall is a small room that contains Capture point A and is a point of interest in Clash/Supremacy matches. It can be accessed from all angles, which makes it a challenging area to defend.
  • Market Balcony connects Assembly Hall with Stump and Plaza. It's a narrow passage that you can use to get behind your opponents unnoticed.


The right side of Bannerfall is taken up by Depot and has a nearly identical configuration as Market. This is where you'll find an initial spawn location and Control point. There are 3 areas connected to it.

  • Top Depot is connected to the Passage and lets you quickly come and go from point B.
  • Repair Bay contains Capture point C and is also important in Clash and Supremacy matches. It has 4 entry points, which makes it hard to hold this position.
  • Depot Balcony is on the southeast of the Depot. It gives you quick access to the Plaza and an opportunity to surprise your enemies.


  • Since Plaza is open, both Market and Depot balconies can serve as a great sniping locations.


Bannerfall map.jpg