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Melees are short-ranged attacks and abilities available to each class.


When charged and off cooldown, the player's melee ability can be activated to launch an attack that is dependent on the currently equipped subclass. Some subclasses may have multiple melee options. Using a charged melee ability will put it on cooldown, preventing the player from using it until their melee ability energy (shown on the ability's icon in the lower-left corner of the screen) is restored over time. Increasing the Strength stat will reduce the cooldown time for melee abilities.

When their melee ability is on cooldown, each class has an uncharged melee attack that can be used at any time: the Titan punches enemies, the Hunter stabs with a reverse-grip knife, and the Warlock strikes with their palm.

Some weapons replace the player's melee ability when used:

  • Glaives are projectile weapons that can also perform a melee attack. The Glaive melee is similar to the player's normal uncharged melee attack, as there is no limit on its use. The Glaive can perform a three-hit combo.
  • Swords are melee weapons that use Heavy icon.png Heavy ammo to perform attacks. Swords can attack without Heavy icon.png Heavy ammo, but their attacks will be much slower and weaker, to the point of being somewhat ineffective. The player's melee ability is replaced with a Guard, which uses the Sword to create an energy shield. The melee ability icon is replaced by the Sword's guard energy.

Titan crest 2.png Titan Melee Abilities

Arc Subclass icon.png Striker (Arc.pngArc)

Solar Subclass icon.png Sunbreaker (Solar.pngSolar)

Void Subclass icon.png Sentinel (Void.pngVoid)

Stasis Subclass icon.png Behemoth (Stasis.pngStasis)

Strand Subclass icon.png Berserker (Strand icon.pngStrand)

Hunter crest2.png Hunter Melee Abilities

Arc Subclass icon.png Arcstrider (Arc.pngArc)

Solar Subclass icon.png Gunslinger (Solar.pngSolar)

Void Subclass icon.png Nightstalker (Void.pngVoid)

Stasis Subclass icon.png Revenant (Stasis.pngStasis)

Strand Subclass icon.png Threadrunner (Strand icon.pngStrand)

Warlock crest2.png Warlock Melee Abilities

Arc Subclass icon.png Stormcaller (Arc.pngArc)

Solar Subclass icon.png Dawnblade (Solar.pngSolar)

Void Subclass icon.png Voidwalker (Void.pngVoid)

Stasis Subclass icon.png Shadebinder (Stasis.pngStasis)

Strand Subclass icon.png Broodweaver (Strand icon.pngStrand)


  • Uncharged melee kills sometimes count as ability final blows for the purpose of Patrols and similar objectives.