Tempest Strike

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Tempest Strike
Tempest Strike Aspect.jpg
Class Hunter
Subclass Arcstrider
Tree Way of the Current
Type Melee
Arc Aspect
Element Arc
Description While sliding, activate your charged melee ability to unleash a devastating uppercut attack that travels along the ground in front of you, damaging and jolting targets it hits.
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Tempest Strike is an Arcstrider Melee Ability. With the introduction of Arc 3.0, it became an Arc Aspect used by Arcstriders.

Equipping this Aspect unlocks 2 Arc Fragment slots.

Patch History

  • Reduced auto-targeting angle by 50%
  • Bonus damage vs. low-tier PvE combatants reduced by 20%.
  • This ability can now be performed when using PC controls when Sprint is set to "Hold".
Season of Plunder
  • Changed into an Arc Aspect used by Arcstriders. It can also jolt targets caught in the path.


The belt of a practiced master. Faster, faster, always faster. Unleash the tempest within.