Way of the Current

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The Way of the Current is the middle ability tree for the Arcstrider crest.png Arcstrider subclass of Hunter crest2.png Hunter class. It has to be unlocked by purchasing either Forsaken or Shadowkeep expansions.


  • Tempest strike icon1.png Tempest Strike — After sliding, activate this melee ability to unleash a devastating uppercut attack.
  • Ebb and flow icon1.png Ebb and Flow — Hit a target with an Arc ability to electrify them. Meleeing electrified enemies disorients them and grants grenade, melee and dodge energy.
  • Lightning weave icon1.png Lightning Weave — Melee hits greatly increase weapon reload speed.
  • Whirlwind guard icon1.png Whirlwind Guard — While wielding your Arc Staff, hold down the Block button to deflect incoming projectiles. Deflecting projectiles triples Arc Staff damage for a short time. Replaces Arc Staff as subclass Super.

Exotic Synergy

  • Raiden flux icon1.jpg Raiden Flux — Chained Arc Staff hits buff damage and duration.
  • Raiju's harness icon1.jpg Raiju's Harness — Guarding doesn't consume energy. Early deactivation for Whirlwind Guard.