Offering to the Oracle

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Offering to the Oracle
Offering to the oracle icon1.jpg
Type Consumable
Rarity Legendary
Description A fragment of amethyst, offered in supplication to the mysterious Oracle Engine.
Source Gateway Between Worlds weekly bounty from Petra Venj
Vendor Petra Venj

Offering to the Oracle is a Legendary Consumable.


This item is a reward for completing the Gateway Between Worlds weekly bounty, which can be purchased from Petra Venj in the Dreaming City. It is stored in the player's Quests inventory.


This item can be taken to the oracle building in the Spine of Keres. It can be offered to the Oracle Engine by standing on the balcony where Sedia the Techeun can be found and presenting the Offering. This will grant the player a randomly chosen Queen's Bounty, as well as a Dreaming City Legendary Gear drop.

During the third week of the curse cycle, when the curse is at its strongest, presenting the Offering will instead open a portal to the Queen's Court. The normal rewards can be obtained by opening a chest found next to the throne in this area.