Legendary Gear (Dreaming City)

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Legendary Gear (Dreaming City)
Legendary engram icon1.png
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary

Legendary Gear is a variant of the Legendary Engram found in the Dreaming City.


This engram's contents can drop from Ascendant Challenges when completed for the first time in a given week, once per character. They can also drop in The Shattered Throne dungeon, from the Erebus, Vorgeth, and Dûl Incaru encounters.




This engram can reward one of the following Dreaming City weapons or armor items.


Tigerspite icon1.jpg Kinetic Tigerspite
Primary ammo Auto Rifle
Vouchsafe icon1.jpg Void Vouchsafe
Primary ammo Scout Rifle
Waking vigil icon1.jpg Arc Waking Vigil
Primary ammo Hand Cannon

Retold tale icon1.jpg Void Retold Tale
Special ammo Shotgun
Twilight oath icon1.jpg Solar Twilight Oath
Special ammo Sniper Rifle
Abide the return icon1.jpg Solar Abide the Return
Heavy ammo Sword

Sleepless icon1.jpg Arc Sleepless
Heavy ammo Rocket Launcher


Reverie dawn helm icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Helm
Titan Titan Helmet
Reverie dawn casque icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Casque‎
Hunter Hunter Helmet
Reverie dawn hood icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Hood
Warlock Warlock Helmet

Reverie dawn gauntlets icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Gauntlets
Titan Titan Gauntlets
Reverie dawn grasps icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Grasps‎
Hunter Hunter Gauntlets
Reverie dawn gloves icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Gloves
Warlock Warlock Gauntlets

Reverie dawn plate icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Plate
Titan Titan Chest Armor
Reverie dawn hauberk icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Hauberk‎
Hunter Hunter Chest Armor
Reverie dawn tabard icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Tabard
Warlock Warlock Chest Armor

Reverie dawn greaves icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Greaves
Titan Titan Leg Armor
Reverie dawn strides icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Strides‎
Hunter Hunter Leg Armor
Reverie dawn boots icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Boots
Warlock Warlock Leg Armor

Reverie dawn mark icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Mark
Titan Titan Mark
Reverie dawn cloak icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Cloak‎
Hunter Hunter Cloak
Reverie dawn bond icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Bond
Warlock Warlock Bond