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Warlock Bonds

Warlock Bonds by Rarity



Ancient Apocalypse BondAncient apocalypse bond icon1.jpg"Had a face like the end-times and eyes like manna in the desert. One look at him, and I knew I wasn't gonna be saved." —The Drifter
Annealed Shaper BondAnnealed shaper bond icon1.jpg"I will always protect the Black Armory, above all else." -Ada-1
Atavistic Idol BondAtavistic idol bond icon1.jpg"With the Consensus disbanded, there's no telling how long this could take to go to trial. Given the current… situation? We might all be dead before that happens." -Vanguard Security Report Excerpt
Be Thy CipherBe thy cipher icon1.jpgAn honored gift, given to those who unlock the riddles of our lost worlds.
Binary Phoenix BondBinary phoenix bond icon1.jpgThe phoenix that fights itself, then rises from its ashes stronger than ever. That is the Crucible.
Bond Judgment (CODA)Bond judgment (coda) icon1.jpgA metaphysical gift: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.
Bond RelentlessBond relentless icon1.jpg"For you as much as for them. They are observing your thoughts." -”Emissary of the Nine
Bond of OptimacyBond of optimacy icon1.jpgHas this wealth found you or have you found it?
Bond of ReciprocityBond of reciprocity icon1.jpg"In the darkness, light shines more brightly, and where light shines, it casts a shadow." -Ulan-Tan
Bond of RemembranceBond of remembrance icon1.jpgTo sharpen our senses when we return.
Bond of SekrisBond of sekris icon1.jpg"I never forgot what I saw—the gift the Great Machine could bestow. And Calus promised me more." —Sekris, Baron of Shanks
Bond of the Cormorant BladeBond of the cormorant blade icon1.jpg"Paperwork." —Warlock Aunor Mahal, on the most devastating adversary of her Praxic career.
Bond of the Emperor's MinisterBond of the emperor's minister icon1.jpgFor the Warlock possessed of Ghaul's wisdom.
Bond of the ExileBond of the exile icon1.jpg"They who entered the Speaker's chambers as master and apprentice were bitter rivals when they left." —Brother Vance
Bond of the Great HuntBond of the great hunt icon1.jpgI wish to be respected.
Bond of the WormloreBond of the wormlore icon1.jpg"They were two once. In the Darkness, they joined. Such is the Hive's strength. And such is their hunger." -Eris Morn
BrayTech Researcher's BondBraytech researchers bond icon1.jpgKeeping our greatest minds safe and warm.
Calamity Rig BondCalamity rig bond icon1.jpg"Funny how nobody listens to doomsayers. They're the most honest folk I know." —The Drifter
Candescent BondCandescent bond icon1.jpg
Candescent Boots (Unkindled)Candescent boots (unkindled) icon1.jpg
Celestine Bond (Magnificent)Celestine bond (magnificent) icon1.jpgComplete Legendary or Master Lost Sectors to enable this armor's white glow.
Celestine Bond (Majestic)Celestine bond (majestic) icon1.jpgDuring Solstice 2021:
- Complete Crucible Glory playlist activities, Nightfall strikes, or matches in Trials of Osiris.
- Collect Void Elemental Orbs in the European Aerial Zone activity.
- Defeat powerful Fallen.
Cinder Pinion BondCinder pinion bond icon1.jpg"You're angry they defeated you? They just did you a favor! Now you know what to improve." —Lord Shaxx
Clutch Extol BondClutch extol bond icon1.jpg"Nothing has changed. The Light gives us strength, and we must treat it with respect." —Lord Shaxx
Coronation BondCoronation bond icon1.jpg"The sign of New Monarchy should come to mean comfort, safety, and strength." "€”Laws of the Executors, Vol. 1
Corrupting Echo BondCorrupting echo bond icon1.jpgI am the withering of roses.
Crystocrene BondCrystocrene bond icon1.jpg"Prepare for your arctic adventure with the very best in Bray outfitting!" —Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide
Deep Explorer BondDeep explorer bond icon1.jpg"Wasn't the exit this way?" -Hidden Mindscape Expedition Log Final Transmission
Dragonfly Regalia BondDragonfly regalia bond icon1.jpg"These planets we protect were beautiful. They can be again." -Cryptarch Matsuo
Dreambane BondDreambane bond icon1.jpg"This relic of ancient trauma is bound by Hive magic, like a new bandage on an old scar." —Eris Morn
Ego Talon BondEgo talon bond icon1.jpg"You will find the nightmares grow worse. Thankfully, you no longer have need of sleep." —Gallida Tuyet
Eidolon Pursuant BondEidolon pursuant bond icon1.jpgV - You are bound.Source: Season of the Haunted
Entanglement BondEntanglement bond icon1.jpg"A dazzling flash. Blinding. All-consuming. I saw nothing more." "€”RECORD 460-CHASM-1004
Exodus Down BondExodus down bond icon1.jpgThis Guardian armor was repurposed from old Exodus Black crew flight suits.
Festive Winter BondFestive winter bond icon1.jpgCelebrate. You've earned it.
Fragment of the PrimeFragment of the prime icon1.jpgCaged in ascendant motes, it still glimmers with the light of some ceaseless calculation.
Frostreach BondFrostreach bond icon1.jpgAs many ways to celebrate the Dawning as stars in the sky. But they all guide us in the dark.
Gensym Knight BondGensym knight bond icon1.jpg"Remember, the universe is a chaotic system. This frippery won't protect you from the continuum." -Asher Mir
Gunsmith's Devotion BondGunsmiths devotion bond icon1.jpg"First the Traveler, and then what? What follows in its wake? We must be prepared." -H. Meyrin
Hodiocentrist BondHodiocentrist bond icon1.jpgHodiocentrism: the belief that the Traveler is the center of the universe.
Holdfast BondHoldfast bond icon1.jpg"I stood on that frigid cliff, watching the smoke and flames rising from the City, and made a vow. Never again."—Ikora Rey
Illicit Collector BondIllicit collector bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you scrounge for him, Warlock?
Illicit Invader BondIllicit invader bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you kill for him, Warlock?
Illicit Reaper BondIllicit reaper bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you clear the way for him, Warlock?
Illicit Sentry BondIllicit sentry bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you defend him, Warlock?
Imperial Shadow's BondImperial shadows bond icon1.jpg"€œI never forgot what I saw. The gift the Great Machine could bestow. And Calus promised me more."€ Sekris, Baron of Shanks
Inaugural Revelry BondInaugural revelry bond icon1.jpg"Parties keep you young, Warlock." —Eva Levante
Each piece of event armor increases the strength of your Good Moods during the 2019 Revelry. Additional pieces can be found in the Verdant Forest or via bounties from Eva Levante.
Insigne Shade BondInsigne shade bond icon1.jpg"This serves as a message to all false Cabal that you have served me. They won't show it, but they fear you. And they should." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Intrepid Inquiry BondIntrepid inquiry bond icon1.jpgTo unearth mysteries long forgotten.
Iron Fellowship BondIron fellowship bond icon1.jpg"We honor the dead by remembering them with joy and with strength." —Lord Saladin
Iron Forerunner BondIron forerunner bond icon1.jpg"Some know the legend. We crushed the Warlords beneath our heel so that they may never rise again." —Lord Saladin
Iron Symmachy BondIron symmachy bond icon1.jpg"Who will sing your songs, if not you?" —Lady Skorri
Iron Will BondIron will bond icon1.jpg"Thy duty is thy bond. Inspire the hopeless. Conquer eternity." —A tenet of the Iron Will
Judgement's WrapJudgements wrap icon1.jpg"For one who analyzes battle as the philosopher questions the universe." -Emissary of the Nine
Kairos Function BondKairos function bond icon1.jpg
Ketchkiller's BondKetchkiller's bond icon1.jpg"The pirates hold nothin' back when they fight. Can you match that?" -Drifter
Legacy's Oath BondLegacy's oath bond icon1.jpg"Anastasia's obsession with Rasputin is holding back our work. Exos are our future. In time—and with a little push—she'll see." —Clovis Bray I
Lightkin BondLightkin bond icon1.jpg"My parents walked a hard road to get me to the Last City safely. They paid the price too. These Eliksni may be outsiders, but I see something familiar in 'em. Loss. Pain. Hope." —Amanda Holliday
Liminal Voyager BondLiminal voyager bond icon1.jpg"There are whispers among the Warlocks who remain. Whispers of one who has seen the future in death." -The Journals of Jorin Nal
Lost Pacific BondLost pacific bond icon1.jpgSloane had these Golden Age space suits repurposed for Guardian armor.
Massyrian's DrawMassyrians draw icon1.jpgA tribute worn in honor of the first among Heiro Sect; long since lost, long since remembered.
Medal BondMedal bond icon1.jpgYour reputation precedes you, like a hint of perfume on the breeze.
Memory of CaydeMemory of cayde icon1.jpg"Hey... take me with you." -Cayde-6
Mihaylova's TaleMihaylovas tale icon1.jpg"What you fight for is what you value. Everything else is words."
Moonfang-X7 BondMoonfang-x7 bond icon1.jpg"X7… what happened to one through six? Probably in a dumpster somewhere. What a waste." —The Drifter
NPA "Weir-Walker" BondNpa "weir-walker" bond icon1.jpg[DAY 402] YOU WEAR MY BANNER. - Xivu Arath, Hive God of War
Notorious Collector BondNotorious collector bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you scrounge for him, Warlock?
Notorious Invader BondNotorious invader bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you kill for him, Warlock?
Notorious Reaper BondNotorious reaper bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you clear the way for him, Warlock?
Notorious Sentry BondNotorious sentry bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you defend him, Warlock?
Omega Mechanos BondOmega mechanos bond icon1.jpg"Gotta wonder what happened to make the Vex like this, right? I mean, the Vex couldn't have come from nowhere." —Sagira
Opulent Scholar BondOpulent scholar bond icon1.jpg"I have foreseen the end of all things. The novenary, the Awoken Queen, the sad, strange little man on his rickety boat. They believe they've seen the same. What they don't know will destroy them." —Emperor Calus
Outlawed Collector BondOutlawed collector bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you scrounge for him, Warlock?
Outlawed Invader BondOutlawed invader bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you kill for him, Warlock?
Outlawed Reaper BondOutlawed reaper bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you clear the way for him, Warlock?
Outlawed Sentry BondOutlawed sentry bond icon1.jpgWhen the end comes… Will you defend him, Warlock?
Pathfinder's BondPathfinder's bond icon1.jpgA beacon, like a flare, burning a sphere of safety in the night.
Penumbral BondPenumbral bond icon1.jpg"For when the end comes, you and I shall welcome it. And all our good works will bear fruit. At last—the right to be last." —Emperor Calus
Philomath BondPhilomath bond icon1.jpgYou know much, but this is all that matters... you are not alone.
Phobos Warden BondPhobos warden bond icon1.jpg"The Guardians will come through." —Commander Zavala
Phoenix's Ascent BondPhoenix's ascent bond icon1.jpgFate will sweep away everything in its current. But you will divert its flow.
Phoenix's FirePhoenix's fire icon1.jpg"Challenge every aspect of your opponents. Sometimes a strong body hides a fragile psyche." —Ikora Rey
Photosuede BondPhotosuede bond icon1.jpg"When the situation changes, we must bravely change to meet it." —Commander Zavala
Praefectus BondPraefectus bond icon1.jpg"Feast, my comrades. Torobatl may be lost, but its spirit lives on in our traditions." —Empress Caiatl
Prodigal BondProdigal bond icon1.jpg"It's from 'Paladin Oran.' 'Use less data, route electron notices forward over Uranus-Neptune divide." -Paladin Hallam Fen
Pyrrhic Ascent BondPyrrhic ascent bond icon1.jpg"Each scar I bear, a trial survived."—Shayura, Awoken Warlock
Resonant Fury BondResonant fury bond icon1.jpgI reach for nothing. I am subdued. I shall remain useless.
Reverie Dawn BondReverie dawn bond icon1.jpg"Perhaps it was not the correct choice. But it was the right choice." -Yasmin Eld
Righteous BondRighteous bond icon1.jpgEnsign of untarnished principle.
Sage Rivalry BondSage rivalry bond icon1.jpgGo for the gold, Warlock.
Scatterhorn BondScatterhorn bond icon1.jpg"Lost things have a way of washing up on the Tangled Shore." -The Spider
Seventh Seraph BondSeventh seraph bond icon1.jpg"You can't leave me. Not like this." —First Lieutenant Artur Voronin
Shadow's BondShadow's bond icon1.jpg“The Fulminator could directly afflict the nervous system of the organics around her. She was pain in all its shades. I will miss her.” —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Skybreaker BondSkybreaker bond icon1.jpgRadiance is veiled, lest it scorch the eyes of the beholder.
Solstice Bond (Magnificent)Solstice bond (magnificent) icon1.jpgDefeat the final boss in Altars of Sorrow.
Solstice Bond (Majestic)Solstice bond (majestic) icon1.jpgDefeat challenging combatants throughout the system.
Solstice Bond (Resplendent)Solstice bond (resplendent) icon1.jpgDefeat Bosses
Stella Incognita BondStella incognita bond icon1.jpg"At the point of decision, the Arach must lead us to safety in the midst of the unknown." -The Book of Departures, Canto II
Substitutional Alloy BondSubstitutional alloy bond icon1.jpgAnd the cleanse shall beget an ocean.
Sunlit Bond (Unkindled)Sunlit bond (unkindled) icon1.jpgUpgrade this item using Kindling and Embers obtained during Solstice.
Synaptic ConstructSynaptic construct icon1.jpgSome say the mind is the most powerful weapon. I tend to agree.
TM-Moss Custom BondTm-moss custom bond icon1.jpgTex Mechanica custom-made bond, the sign of a steady hand.
Tangled Web BondTangled web bond icon1.jpg"In my company, the Ether flows." -The Spider
Techeun's Regalia BondUnyielding favor bond icon1.jpg"This conflict is about more than people. Never lose sight of that." - Ikora Rey
Temptation's BondTemptation's bond icon1.jpg"You said you'd always trust me. Trust me." —Rekkana, Warlock of the Kentarch 3
Tethering VoidTethering void icon1.jpgAll that has been given in sacrifice shall find its way home.
The BeyondThe beyond icon1.jpgSeek the forces outside the Light and Dark.
Thorium Holt BondThorium holt bond icon1.jpgThis armor set was modified from radiation suits used to explore Earth's nuclear zones.
Thunderhead BondThunderhead bond icon1.jpg"Our legacy lifts us up, so we have the strength to extend our hands to the future. No Cloud Strider truly fights alone." - Rohan, Cloud Strider
Timur's Iron BondTimur's iron bond icon1.jpg"Think of all the old mysteries that are now ours to solve anew!" —Timur, learning of SIVA
Tusked Allegiance BondTusked allegiance bond icon1.jpg"I do not sit and theologize my enemies. I crush them." —Empress Caiatl
Veiled Tithes BondVeiled tithes bond icon1.jpgMacabre in its brilliance.
Veritas BondVeritas bond icon1.jpg"Lies are manufactured. Truth grows naturally… with or without a gardener." —Nayyir Gimenez, Warlock
Vernal Growth BondVernal growth bond icon1.jpgTeach compassionate skepticism.

Each piece of event armor enhances the Good Moods effect during the 2019 Revelry.
Vigil of Heroes (Warlock Bond)Vigil of heroes icon1.jpg"I've seen Guardians slay monsters and level armies. But grief is an enemy of a very different sort." —Tyra Karn
Viperidax BondViperidax bond icon1.jpg"When did 'by any means necessary' become such a bad thing?" —The Drifter
Warmind's Avatar BondWarmind's avatar bond icon1.jpgLet him find what he needs.
Wild Hunt BondWild hunt bond icon1.jpgRemember your oath.
Wildwood BondWildwood bond icon1.jpgDevrim Kay fashioned the pattern for these Guardian armor suits.
Wing Theorem (Bond)Wing theorem bond icon1.jpgThe double-headed phoenix that fights itself represents Guardians who strengthen each other in the Crucible.
Winterhart BondWinterhart bond icon1.jpg"The sun does arise, and make happy the skies." --Pre-Golden Age poetry
Wolfswood BondWolfswood bond icon1.jpgUnder a red dawn, the Iron Wolves gathered beneath the Ironwood.
Xenos Vale BondXenos vale bond icon1.jpgNew things are only strange until you behold them. Then they are even stranger.
Yuga Sundown BondYuga sundown bond icon1.jpg3EASMIR_IrREhhTNetLNpf>intiy__giIihRdes_c/fiUcE,_aWgNpkELdhTxe_nLT9


Bond of ChironBond of chiron icon1.jpgChange is the way of things.
Bond of Forgotten WarsBond of forgotten wars icon1.jpgWhen the mind feels threatened, amnesia is one of its most stalwart defenses.
Fatum PraevaricatorFatum praevaricator icon1.jpgGreat galactic powers journey to Earth to find their destiny (which is disintegration by Nova Bomb).
Inspector's BondInspector's bond icon1.jpgAimless is simply no way to be.
Orobas Vectura BondOrobas vectura bond icon1.jpg"You made the right choice. I think. Either way, I'm on your side." -Ghost
Solstice Bond (Renewed)Solstice bond (renewed) icon1.jpgComplete patrols on Titan, loot chests in the European Aerial Zone, and land Arc Super final blows on opposing Guardians in the Crucible or Gambit.
Stagnatious RebukeStagnatious rebuke icon1.jpgDo not be satisfied with the here and now, for here is simply a new beginning and now... is already gone.
Unethical Experiments BondUnethical experiments bond icon1.jpg"I've seen experiments like this before. My crew.... I don't want to talk about it." -Failsafe


Bond of SymmetryBond of symmetry icon1.jpg"The Light alters us, yet all that we do with our Light alters the Light. Thus, there is symmetry." -Ulan-Tan
Bond of the Raven ShardBond of the raven shard icon1.jpg"The ravens come for our lost souls." "No, you Exo prat-they've come because you're shiny."
HomewardHomeward icon1.jpgNever lose sight of your path.
Rite of RefusalRite of refusal icon1.jpgBy this bond I seal my fate. I will reclaim our home.


Bond of InsightBond of insight icon1.jpgWander until you find the Light or the Light finds you.
Bond of RefugeBond of refuge icon1.jpgAll you have left is your mind. And, all things considered, that's not too bad.
Dreamer's BondDreamers bond icon1.jpg"Without Light to sustain it, this body of mine cannot make the pilgrimage to the Shard. But you can." -Tyra Karn
Shattered Warlock BondShattered warlock bond icon1.jpgA shattered bond marks a broken promise.
Solstice Bond (Drained)Solstice bond (drained) icon1.jpgComplete public events on Nessus, complete Solstice of Heroes bounties, and complete Crucible or Gambit matches.
Wise Warlock BondWise warlock bond icon1.jpg"If you dedicate yourself to the study of the universe, it will always reveal its secrets to you." -Ikora Rey

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