Stella Incognita Bond

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Stella Incognita Bond
Stella incognita bond icon1.jpg
Type Warlock Bond
Class Warlock
Rarity Legendary
Description "At the point of decision, the Arach must lead us to safety in the midst of the unknown." -The Book of Departures, Canto II
Mobility  ??
Resilience  ??
Recovery  ??
"??" is not a number.
"??" is not a number.
"??" is not a number.
Earn rank-up packages from Arach Jalaal.

Stella Incognita Bond is a Legendary Warlock Bond.


How to Obtain


  • The default shader for this armor piece appears to be a worn version of the Dead Orbit's Fate shader.
  • This armor piece appears to be a re-skinned version of the Wildwood Bond, or vice versa.



Stella Incognita Bond1.jpg

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