Ascendant Challenge (Bounty)

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Ascendant Challenge (Bounty)
Ascendant challenge icon1.jpg
Season 4
Type Weekly Bounty
Description "The Awoken have long practiced the art of walking between worlds." —Techeun Kalli
Objectives Ascendant challenge completed: 1
Rewards XP++, Dark Fragment, Legendary Gear
Vendors Petra Venj

Ascendant Challenge is a Weekly Bounty.


This bounty rotates along with the current week's Ascendant Challenge activity. The description includes a quote from Toland, the Shattered, hinting at the sector in which the challenge's portal can be found.

Week Ascendant Challenge Quote Location
1 Forfeit Shrine "At the overlook's edge, the garden grows onward." —Toland, the Shattered Gardens of Esila
2 Shattered Ruins "Climb the bones and you'll find your ruin." —Toland, the Shattered Spine of Keres
3 Keep of Honed Edges "Crush the first queen's crown beneath your bootheel." —Toland, the Shattered Harbinger's Seclude
4 Agonarch Abyss "Drown in your wishes, dear squanderer." —Toland, the Shattered Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector
5 Cimmerian Garrison "Starlight, star bright, first untruth she'll craft tonight…" —Toland, the Shattered Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector
6 Ouroborea "They call it a 'rest,' but it is more truly a haunt." —Toland, the Shattered Aphelion's Rest Lost Sector


  • Six copies of this bounty (one for each Ascendant Challenge) can be completed and held on each character.