Aphelion's Rest

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Aphelion's Rest
Location Dreaming City
Sector The Strand
Enemy Type Taken
Bosses Ur Haraak, Disciple of Quria (Ultra Taken Knight)

Aphelion's Rest is a Lost Sector in The Strand.


Start in Divalian Mists, summon the sparrow, and head to the Strand by going through the cave complex on the left. Take the middle path till you reach the fog and go left below the bridge. On your right side, you will find a cave entrance with a mysterious symbol that will take you to the Aphelion's Rest. In it, you will be attacked by Taken Thralls and Taken Acolytes. Clear them and focus on eliminating Taken Vandals that will try to take you down from the distance. Ur Haraak will wait for you at the top of the hill. A few headshots with Sleeper Simulant will quickly destroy him, but you shouldn't have a problem even with a decent auto rifle. Once down, loot the chest and take the shortcut in the back, ignoring the Taken Captains.

Additional Information


The entrance to the Aphelion's Rest Lost Sector in The Strand.
The final room in Aphelion's Rest.
Ur Haraak, Disciple of Quria. The boss of Aphelion's Rest.