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Ascendant Challenges are a weekly activity found in the Dreaming City patrol zone.


Ascendant Challenges take place in the Ascendant Plane and feature Taken enemies. They test the player's platforming and combat skills.

Only one Ascendant Challenge is active per week. Petra Venj offers a weekly bounty that requires the player to complete the current week's Ascendant Challenge. The description includes a quote from Toland, the Shattered, that hints at the location of the current challenge.

Challenges are accessed through portals in certain Dreaming City sectors, which can only be seen after consuming a Tincture of queensfoil icon1.jpg Tincture of Queensfoil and gaining the Ascendance buff. A message saying "The seam between realities grows weaker..." appears when the player is near a portal.

Ascendant Challenges can be completed in a fireteam of up to three players. If a player dies while inside a Challenge, they respawn outside of it. If there are no more players present in the Challenge, it resets. When all players leave a Challenge through the exit portal, the Challenge resets and the portal leading back inside reopens after a short while.

Each Challenge also has a time trial. Completing a Challenge within a certain amount of time will complete its associated time trial triumph. However, the required times are not shown in-game, and a timer is not displayed during the Challenges. Earning its associated triumph is the only confirmation that a time trial was completed successfully.

Ahamkara Bones and Corrupted Eggs can be found in these Challenges. The spirit of Toland, the Shattered, appearing as a ghostly ball of light, can also be found. If approached, he will say some dialogue before disappearing. Finding him is the objective for the Challenge: The Shattered daily bounty obtained from Petra Venj. Note that this is separate from the Toland wisps that appear as part of the Challenges' mechanics.


There are six Ascendant Challenges, but only one is available per week. They rotate in the following order:

  1. Forfeit Shrine — located in the Gardens of Esila, players have to cleanse corruption with three Arc Charges and then defeat three Ultra Knights.
  2. Shattered Ruins — found in the Spine of Keres, players have to climb up a tower and defeat an Ultra Taken Phalanx at the top.
  3. Keep of Honed Edges — in Harbinger's Seclude, the team has to reach the chamber in the center, defeat three Ultra Knights with a Hive Cleaver, and escape through a portal at the edge of the Challenge area.
  4. Agonarch Abyss — in the Bay of Drowned Wishes, players have to descend into a chamber way below the starting point and defeat two Ultra Taken Wizards.
  5. Cimmerian Garrison — located in Chamber of Starlight, requires players to run through an obstacle course filled with Taken enemies and defeat an Ultra Knight at the end.
  6. Ouroborea — located in Aphelion's Rest, players have to destroy four Taken Blights at the edge of the area and then eight Void Crystals at the starting point.


Completing an Ascendant Challenge rewards a Dreaming City weapon or armor item from the chest that appears at the end. A Dreaming City gear reward will only be given on the first completion in a given week, once per character. The Ascendant Challenge weekly bounty from Petra Venj will also reward a Dreaming City weapon or armor item drop.


Tigerspite icon1.jpg Kinetic Tigerspite
Primary ammo Auto Rifle
Vouchsafe icon1.jpg Void Vouchsafe
Primary ammo Scout Rifle
Waking vigil icon1.jpg Arc Waking Vigil
Primary ammo Hand Cannon

Retold tale icon1.jpg Void Retold Tale
Special ammo Shotgun
Twilight oath icon1.jpg Solar Twilight Oath
Special ammo Sniper Rifle
Abide the return icon1.jpg Solar Abide the Return
Heavy ammo Sword

Sleepless icon1.jpg Arc Sleepless
Heavy ammo Rocket Launcher


Reverie dawn helm icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Helm
Titan Titan Helmet
Reverie dawn casque icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Casque‎
Hunter Hunter Helmet
Reverie dawn hood icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Hood
Warlock Warlock Helmet

Reverie dawn gauntlets icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Gauntlets
Titan Titan Gauntlets
Reverie dawn grasps icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Grasps‎
Hunter Hunter Gauntlets
Reverie dawn gloves icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Gloves
Warlock Warlock Gauntlets

Reverie dawn plate icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Plate
Titan Titan Chest Armor
Reverie dawn hauberk icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Hauberk‎
Hunter Hunter Chest Armor
Reverie dawn tabard icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Tabard
Warlock Warlock Chest Armor

Reverie dawn greaves icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Greaves
Titan Titan Leg Armor
Reverie dawn strides icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Strides‎
Hunter Hunter Leg Armor
Reverie dawn boots icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Boots
Warlock Warlock Leg Armor

Reverie dawn mark icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Mark
Titan Titan Mark
Reverie dawn cloak icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Cloak‎
Hunter Hunter Cloak
Reverie dawn bond icon1.jpg Reverie Dawn Bond
Warlock Warlock Bond


  • Ascendant Intruder: Complete an Ascendant challenge.
  • Ascendant Champion: Complete all six Ascendant challenges.
  • Honed for Speed: Complete the Ascendant time trial in the Keep of Honed Edges.
  • Shatter That Record: Complete the Ascendant time trial in the Shattered Ruins.
  • Agonarch Agony: Complete the Ascendant time trial in the Agonarch Abyss.
  • Eating Your Own Tail: Complete the Ascendant time trial in Ouroborea.
  • Never Forfeit: Complete the Ascendant time trial in the Forfeit Shrine.
  • Run the Gauntlet: Complete the Ascendant time trial in the Cimmerian Garrison.
  • Ascendant Paragon: Complete all Ascendant challenge time trials.