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Scout Reports are a consumable item that can be purchased from Cayde-6. This item can be purchased from 2 different locations during the game; the first one being The Farm before completing the story for the first time and the second location is The Tower after you’ve completed the game already by this point. No matter whether you’ve completed the game or not, Cayde-6 has no problem selling them to you and they can be used whenever you choose in the game.


Like many other items, the Scout Reports are 1-time use consumable items that will vanish from your inventory once you’ve used one. Upon use of the item, the player will have 4 hours to enjoy the effects of the item which is to highlight any nearby loot caches (chests) that are near the player. They aren'™t a required item for players to use, but they are very beneficial if you’re soloing, out on Patrols or even waiting for your next Raid and need something to do in the meantime.

Scout Reports can only be used for their corresponding planet and each Scout Report will be assigned to one specific planet - depending on the one you choose to purchase, as you can pick and choose which planet you'd like the Scout Report for at the Vendor. Regardless of the planet you activate the Scout Report; the effects will only apply to one of the 5 planets in the game:

Even after leaving the planet for the first time, the effect will remain on your character until the 4 hours of real world time have passed. With that, you’re free to leave the planet and do whatever you like before returning and the effect will still be there, providing that you haven’t returned after the 4 hours are up at this point.

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