Artifact Perks

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Artifact Perks are items that are unlocked through the Seasonal Artifact. They replaced Seasonal Mods in the Season of Defiance.


Perks provide various bonuses, such as the ability to stun Champion enemies with specific types of weapons. When a perk is unlocked, it will always be active until either the artifact is reset or the season ends.

Each Seasonal Artifact features a set of 25 perks, separated into tiers of 5. As the player increases their seasonal rank, they will be able to unlock additional perks. Higher tiers of perks are unavailable until a certain amount of perks from the lower tiers have been unlocked. A maximum total of 12 perks can be active at a time on the Seasonal Artifact. The Artifact can be reset at no cost, allowing the player to experiment freely with different combinations of perks.