The Wellspring

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See Wellspring.
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The Wellspring is an Offensive activity in Savathûn's Throne World, added as part of The Witch Queen.


The Wellspring is unlocked after completing The Witch Queen campaign. The Spring of Power quest given by Fynch serves an introduction to the activity.


The Wellspring is a 6 player instanced activity that takes place in the Court of Thorns in the Throne World. It is comprised of two different activities: The Wellspring: Attack and The Wellspring: Defend. Only one of these two activities is available at a time, with the mode alternating daily. Each of these modes has two different bosses, as well as two different weapon rewards associated with these bosses. These weapons can drop with Deepsight Resonance, allowing their Weapon Patterns to be learned in order to Shape them.

There are two difficulties: Normal and Master. Master adds additional modifiers, as well as Champion enemies, but provides greater rewards. Master difficulty is unlocked from the text-center Activity: The Wellspring Higher Difficulties upgrade, earned by reaching Rank 18 with Fynch.


See also: The Wellspring: Attack

On Attack days, players will attack the Wellspring in an attempt to stop the boss from completing a ritual, while fighting through waves of Hive enemies. Players will begin at the entrance to the Court of Thorns and will fight their way to the Wellspring.


See also: The Wellspring: Defend

On Defend days, players will defend the Wellspring in an attempt to stop Scorn enemies and the boss from gaining control of it. Players will begin at the Wellspring and will fight off the Scorn until they reach the entrance to the Court of Thorns.


This table displays the daily rotation for The Wellspring. The modes, bosses, and weapon drops will rotate in this order. Each variant is available every four days. The current variant can be determined from the mode, boss, and weapon drop listed on the in-game description. The table can then be used to determine when a given variant will show up next in game.

Mode Boss Weapon Drop
The Wellspring: Attack Golmag, Warden of the Spring Come to pass icon1.jpg Come to Pass
The Wellspring: Defend Vezuul, Lightflayer Tarnation icon1.jpg Tarnation
The Wellspring: Attack Bor'gong, Warden of the Spring Fel taradiddle icon1.jpg Fel Taradiddle
The Wellspring: Defend Zeerik, Lightflayer Father's sins icon1.jpg Father's Sins