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Report reverse-lure icon1.jpg
Season 16
Type Quest
Rarity Exotic
Steps 11
Vendors Evidence Board
Rewards Edge of Action Pattern, Edge of Concurrence Pattern, Edge of Intent Pattern

Report: REVERSE-LURE is a Exotic Quest from The Witch Queen expansion. It can only be acquired after completing all other Hidden Report quests from the Evidence Board. It rewards the Weapon Pattern for a class-exclusive Exotic Glaive: Edge of Action for Titans, Edge of Concurrence for Hunters, and Edge of Intent for Warlocks.

This quest can only be completed once, after which it becomes unavailable on the player's other characters. The Exotic Glaive Weapon Patterns that were not obtained from the quest can either be acquired as drops from The Wellspring activity, or purchased from the Evidence Board.





Unspecified Goal: 1


  • This quest step is displayed on the Evidence Board before the quest is acquired. The objective is marked as completed when all other Hidden Report quests have been completed, allowing the player to acquire this quest.



The Hidden are ready to wrap up the case. Check the Evidence Board in the Enclave for next steps.

After reviewing the case, the Hidden have a plan of action. Return to the Evidence Board in the Enclave for next steps.

"Why don't you come in out of the cold, Guardian?"—Hidden agent


Evidence Board visited: 1

Interaction: Evidence Board

Interaction Text

Thanks to the data you generated, the Hidden have found that resonant runes are essentially a Hive-magic imitation of the Relic. Which means the compatible resonance of the Osmic Fragments are actually an indication of a Weapon Pattern stored.

Or rather, a piece of one. Hence, Immaru's determination to collect all the fragments.

Then, as soon as he'd make the pattern whole, he could use the runes to shape as many specialized weapons the Lucent Brood could ever ask for.

If only you hadn't gotten your hands on the fragments first. Without those, Immaru will have to improvise.

And he undoubtedly will. So, Ikora proposes a turning of the tables. According to the Hidden, the shaping ritual is meant to take place in Queen's Bailey.

Take the Osmic Fragment and use it to lure in Immaru. If you play this right, you can grab your culprit and his remaining supplies in one fell swoop.

Voiceover Transcript


Ikora: "My Hidden, we've put together enough pieces of the puzzle. A picture is finally beginning to form."

Ikora: "Savathûn stole the idea of the Glaive from the Witness's disciple in order to lure us into unlocking her memories."

Ikora: "But beyond that, she had no plans for upgrading the Hive's weaponry."

Ikora: "Immaru, however, aims to impress."

Ikora: "He's been on the hunt for the remaining fragments, so he can arm the Lucent Brood with enhanced Glaives."

Ikora: "So, I propose a gamble. Our intel places Immaru in a Dark area of the Throne World. Take the fragment there as a lure."

Ikora: "If we play this right, we may be able to get a new Glaive and a Ghost in one fell swoop."



Take the Osmic Fragment from the Evidence Board in the Enclave to Queen's Bailey.

Now that you know Immaru's scheme, you can turn the tables on him. Take the Osmic Fragment to Queen's Bailey to use as a lure.

"You've got what he wants. That means he's focused, and you have all the options. Want is how we get people to act against their own best interests." —Hidden agent


Osmic Fragment collected: 1



Take the Osmic Fragment to Queen's Bailey to lure in Immaru and the Lucent Brood.

According to the Hidden, Queen's Bailey is the site for Immaru's shaping ritual. Take the Osmic Fragment there to use as a lure.

"He'll come for it. Doesn't matter how obvious you make the trap. Greed will make a soul do stupid things. Not as stupid as love will… but it's close." —Hidden agent


Osmic Fragment placed: 1



Use Deepsight to reach a vantage point from which you can observe the lure.

Use Deepsight to reach a vantage point from which you can observe the lure. Once the Lucent Brood take the Osmic Fragment, they should lead you right to Immaru.

"The trap is set. The bait is out. Now we wait for the rat." —Hidden agent


Lucent Brood observed: 1



Verify that the Lucent Brood took the Osmic Fragment.

You believe you saw the Lucent Brood take the Osmic Fragment. Verify that the bait was taken, then follow them.

"No sense reeling anything in if they didn't bite." —Hidden agent


Lure verified: 1



Follow the Lucent Brood to Immaru's location in Queen's Bailey.

The Lucent Brood have taken the Osmic Fragment lure. If you follow them, they should lead you right to Immaru.

"In retrospect, we probably should've asked Fynch to help with this part. A Hive Ghost would blend in a lot better than an armored Guardian."—Hidden agent


Lucent Brood followed: 1



Defeat the Lucent Brood in Queen's Bailey.

Immaru has ordered the Lucent Brood to attack. Defeat them so you can end this scheme once and for all.

"Engagement protocols! We have engagement protocols!" —Hidden agent


Lucent Brood defeated: 1



Retrieve the Osmic Fragment and resonant runes.

Immaru escaped in the chaos, but he left behind the Osmic Fragment and the runes. Retrieve the evidence to ensure that he won't be attempting this scheme again.

"Immaru blew through his reputation with the Hive putting this ritual together. Without it, the Osmium, or the runes, he'll be quiet. For a while, at least."—Hidden agent


Osmic Fragment retrieved: 1

10. Report: REVERSE-LURE


Log your final report on the Evidence Board in the Enclave.

Immaru escaped, but his scheme has been foiled for good. Take the Osmic Fragment and the runes back to the Evidence Board and log your final report.

"Your informant gave you a rock. From that you uncovered—and stopped—a conspiracy to arm the Hive with new doomsday weapons. Now THAT is detective work." —Hidden agent


Report logged: 1

Interaction: Evidence Board

While some questions still linger, Ikora and her Hidden are now armed with far more answers than when they first stepped foot on the returned Mars.

Thanks to you, the purpose of the Relic has been revealed and put to good use, Savathûn's throne world has been thoroughly investigated, and the schemes of the Lucent Brood have been officially foiled.

And though Immaru may have escaped justice once again, the Lucent Brood won't be getting their claws on advanced weapons anytime soon.

Speaking of, there is one more mystery you can solve. You still don't know what weapon Immaru was so desperate for. What pattern lurks within the Osmic Fragments?

Go to the Relic to shape your reward.

Voiceover Transcript


Ghost: "Well, Immaru is still on the loose, but at least we cut off any chances of him upgrading the Lucent Brood's weaponry."

Ghost: "You can reap your reward from the Relic."


Weapon Pattern Exotic icon.jpg Edge of Action Pattern
Acquiring this Pattern will unlock the ability to craft a new weapon at the Relic in the Enclave on Mars.
Weapon Pattern Exotic icon.jpg Edge of Concurrence Pattern
Acquiring this Pattern will unlock the ability to craft a new weapon at the Relic in the Enclave on Mars.
Weapon Pattern Exotic icon.jpg Edge of Intent Pattern
Acquiring this Pattern will unlock the ability to craft a new weapon at the Relic in the Enclave on Mars.


11. Report: REVERSE-LURE


Shape your reward at the Relic.

Now that you've officially closed the case, you should go to the Relic and find out what weapon Immaru and the Lucent Brood planned on shaping.

"Seems a shame to go through all this effort and not sate some curiosity. We've got the Relic all warmed up for you." —Hidden agent


Unspecified Goal: 1


Edge of action icon1.jpg Void Edge of Action
Special ammo Titan Glaive
Edge of concurrence icon1.jpg Arc Edge of Concurrence
Special ammo Hunter Glaive
Edge of intent icon1.jpg Solar Edge of Intent
Special ammo Warlock Glaive

Interaction: Evidence Board

This interaction appears at the Evidence Board after completing the quest.

Interaction Text

New intel awaits you on the Evidence Board. The report includes a note to Ikora:

"To IKO-006: Here's the AI-COM/RSPN protocol transcript we picked up from the wounds. According to this, before initiating YUGA SUNDOWN, Rasputin killed all protective measures in place for Human colonies and settlements. There's a big list of codenames for the Moon, Mars, Earth, the Exodus ships, et cetera… but Rasputin also refers to a place called NEFELE STRONGHOLD. No record of that in any of our databases. Forwarding to A.B. for a cross-ref."

A follow-up message from Ana Bray brings up more questions than it answers:

"To CHA-319: No hit on 'NEFELE STRONGHOLD' in any of Rasputin's records. Can't even find the original transcript you're quoting. If it's real, someone removed all traces of it. And if they did, they did it so cleanly that I'd suspect Rasputin himself."

No action items on this case; just an unsatisfying label of "UNSOLVED."

Patch History

    • Adjusted the pattern requirements of the “Report: Reverse-Lure" Exotic Glaive quest.
      • Once unlocked on a character, each class’s respective Exotic Glaive recipe will be available for purchase on the Evidence Board.


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