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“The one about saying goodbye to blues”
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Type Hotfix
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Released January 24, 2023
External Link Hotfix[1]
Version History
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  • Rumble: Restored as a game mode and removed from the weekly rotation.
  • Showdown: Fixed an issue where revives where not properly displayed on the scoreboard.


  • Increased reputation gains by over 50%.

Gameplay and Investment


  • Citan's ramparts icon1.jpg Citan's Ramparts:
    • Increased the cooldown of the Barricade ability while Citan's Ramparts are equipped by 70%.
    • Increased the amount of damage players deal to a Citan's Barricade by 25%.
    • Developer note: This change should decrease how often one sees a Citan's Barricade in PvP, as well as add more opportunities for effective counterplay.



Weapon Archetypes

Airborne Effectiveness

  • Primary icon.png Primary weapons
    • Aim Assist
      • Reduced all additional primary weapon auto-aim (bullet bend) penalties by ~60% at 0 AE (i.e., reduced penalty from 1.2 degrees to 0.5 degrees) for both mouse and keyboard as well as controller.
      • Increased the precision angle (how far off target you can be and still have auto-aim help you land a headshot instead of a body shot) by 50% at 100 AE.
        • Changed the curve to be exponential, so you'll get more benefit at high AE for both mouse and keyboard and controller.
      • Removed all additional Primary weapon magnetism (reticle friction) penalties, and at 60 to 100 AE you get a magnetism bonus compared to pre-AE (0.5 degrees at 100 AE) for controller only.
    • Reduced accuracy penalty for all Primary weapons.
  • Special icon.png Special weapons
    • Sniper Rifles and Slug Shotguns
      • Reduced base airborne accuracy penalty by 50%.
    • Pellet Shotguns
      • Fully removed airborne accuracy penalty.
      • Airborne spread angle penalty is still present.


  • Dead messenger icon1.jpg Dead Messenger
    • Reduced splash damage against players from waves by 35%.
  • Dead man's tale icon1.jpg Dead Man's Tale
    • Removed the damage penalty for 5 stacks of Cranial spike icon1.png Cranial Spike.
    • Reduced hip fire and airborne aim assist cone angles by 25% on mouse and keyboard.
    • Reduced hip fire cone angle bonus scaling from 20% to 5%.
    • Reduced hip fire precision aim cone angle from 3 degrees to 0.8 degrees.
    • Reduced hip fire auto-aim falloff scalar from 1.5 to 1.1.



  • Increased the base cooldown time of the following class abilities by ~20%:
  • Touch of Thunder - Storm Grenade:
    • Roaming Storm lightning strike damage reduced from 40 to 30.
    • Added a 0.24s delay on Roaming Storm creation after the primary grenade detonation.
    • Travel speed now begins at 1.5 meters/second and ramps up over 1.3s to a maximum speed of 3 meters/second.
      • It previously was a flat 3.5 meters/second at all times.
    • Tracking search range now increases in size over 2s after creation, rather than starting at full size.
  • Removed weapon stability, incoming flinch, and Shotgun pellet spread angle penalties applied to the player while sliding.

Power and Progression

  • Rare (blue) engrams no longer drop after reaching the soft gear cap. Equivalent Glimmer1.pngGlimmer amount will be rewarded instead.
    • This update will be rolling out later today. Keep an eye out on @BungieHelp for when it's live.


Bounties and Pursuits



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