Class Abilities

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Embrace the unique abilities of your class.
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Class Abilities are unique abilities that are specific to each class.


Each class has a unique class ability: Titans can put up a Barricade for cover; Hunters can perform a Dodge maneuver; and Warlocks can summon a Rift to buff themselves and allies. Each of these abilities has two variants, available on every subclass, with different effects. Some subclasses may also have additional class ability options.

Class ability cooldowns are affected by their class' primary stat: Titans use Resilience, Hunters use Mobility, and Warlocks use Recovery. Increasing a class's primary stat will reduce their class ability's cooldown time.

Titan crest 2.png Titan Class Abilities

Hunter crest2.png Hunter Class Abilities

Warlock crest2.png Warlock Class Abilities