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A Deepsight node.
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Deepsight is an ability added in The Witch Queen. It is a psychic ability associated with the Darkness that is related to memories. It is primarily used in Savathûn's Throne World, as well as in the Witch Queen campaign, allowing players to temporarily reveal hidden objects and puzzles in the environment.


Deepsight can be activated by interacting with orb-shaped nodes scattered throughout the Throne World. Activating a Deepsight node will give the player a Deepsight buff while they are in the node's area of effect. This lasts for a limited amount of time, which varies depending on the node. Moving away from the area of effect will temporarily remove the buff until it is re-entered. If the buff timer runs out, the node can usually be interacted with again.

Deepsight nodes appear in set locations, but whether or not they appear can be random depending on the nodes.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Deepsight puzzles can only be interacted with after their respective upgrades are unlocked from increasing rank with Fynch. These upgrades are unlocked at ranks 11 and 15, respectively.

Deepsight Interactions

Spawn Terrain

These nodes will cause new terrain objects to appear, allowing players to progress through an area. Because of this, they are usually permanent. Examples include the node near the entrance to the Extraction Lost Sector, as well as several nodes found in Alluring Curtain.

Hidden Chests

These nodes will cause a chest to appear nearby. It will usually spawn new terrain, such as a fallen tree or floating platforms, to allow players to reach the chest's location. It may also cause normally solid terrain to become transparent, revealing the chest inside. White claw marks, footprints, and other symbols will usually appear, leading the player to the chest's location.

Memory Pool Buffs

These nodes require the Deepsight Resonance Upgrade: Tier 2 upgrade from Fynch.[1] Activating these nodes will cause a nearby terrain object to become transparent, revealing a green pool of energy inside. Stepping inside this pool will briefly give a buff called "Memory of [name]", which gives the player some kind of benefit.

Possible buffs include:[1]

  • Memory of Catastrophe: Gives Super ability energy.
  • Memory of Freedom: Gives a temporary buff that increases jump height. Equivalent to the Quickness buff that can be earned in the Tower from the "The Floor is Lava" easter egg.
  • Memory of Outbursts: Gives Grenade ability energy.
  • Memory of Precision: Gives ammo.
  • Memory of Rage: Gives Melee ability energy.
  • Memory of ?: Spawns a Hive Cleaver.

Altars of Reflection

In order to enter Altars of Reflection, players need to interact with Deepsight nodes in certain areas. This will cause markings to appear on the walls nearby. By standing in the correct position, the player's perspective will show the Witch Queen symbol created by the markings. This will cause a portal to spawn.

This puzzle only needs to be done once per Altar. Players can enter a previously completed Altar from the Throne World destination map if the Altar is active and has not been completed in the current week.

Rune Puzzles

These nodes will spawn several circular stones on the walls in the area nearby, each with a Hive rune symbol on them. There are usually 4 or 5 runes that are spawned. Shooting one causes it to disappear. Shooting all the runes will spawn a chest.

Torch Puzzles

These nodes will usually give the player a Deepsight buff with about 1 minute and 30 seconds of time. In the area nearby will be a set of torches, usually 5 in total. Some will be lit, and some will be unlit. Shooting a torch will toggle it on or off, while also toggling some of the other torches. When all torches are lit, a chest will appear.

Scorn Corpses

Main page: Lucent Executioners

These nodes will cause a Scorn enemy's corpse to appear nearby. Interacting with it will spawn a trail of green energy, which ultimately leads to some debris near a specific exit in the current sector. Examining the debris will extend the trail into the nearby sector, where a Lucent Executioner miniboss will spawn. Killing this enemy will spawn a chest that rewards Qualichor.


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