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Name Fynch
Title Conscientious Objector
Race Ghost
Gender Male
Location Savathûn's Throne World
Description A Hive Ghost, who no longer believes the Hive deserve the Light, Fynch has defected from Savathûn's followers in order to help humanity.

Fynch is the vendor of Savathûn's Throne World.



The player meets Fynch at the end of The Investigation story mission. Fynch guides the player through the Witch Queen campaign after they arrive in the Throne World.

Rank Rewards

Players can increase their rank with Fynch by completing activities in the Throne World. This includes bounties bought from Fynch, patrols, public events, Lost Sectors, The Wellspring, replayable Witch Queen campaign missions, Altars of Reflection, Lucent Moths found, Fundamental Osmium collected, and chests opened in the Throne World. Rewards can be obtained when certain ranks are reached.

Every Rank Legendary engram icon1.png Throne World Engram
Rank 2 Veritas greaves icon1.jpg Veritas Greaves / Veritas strides icon1.jpg Veritas Strides / Veritas boots icon1.jpg Veritas Boots
Rank 4 5 Upgrade Module.jpg Upgrade Modules
Rank 5 Veritas gauntlets icon1.jpg Veritas Gauntlets / Veritas grips icon1.jpg Veritas Grips / Veritas gloves icon1.jpg Veritas Gloves[1]
Rank 6 Veritas plate icon1.jpg Veritas Plate / Veritas vest icon1.jpg Veritas Vest / Veritas robe icon1.jpg Veritas Robe
Rank 7 5 text-center Enhancement Cores
Rank 9 Pointed inquiry icon1.jpg Pointed Inquiry[2]
Rank 11 text-center Deepsight Upgrade: Tier 2
Confidential Rewards
Rank 13 text-center Activity: Replayable Campaign Missions at Higher Difficulties
Rank 15 text-center Deepsight Upgrade: Tier 3
Rank 18 text-center Activity: The Wellspring Higher Difficulties
Rank 21 Veritas mark icon1.jpg Veritas Mark / Veritas cloak icon1.jpg Veritas Cloak / Veritas bond icon1.jpg Veritas Bond
Rank 24 Queen's colors icon1.jpg Queen's Colors
Rank 27 Veritas helm icon1.jpg Veritas Helm / Veritas hood icon1.jpg Veritas Hood / Veritas cowl icon1.jpg Veritas Cowl
Rank 30 text-center Throne World Engram Upgrade[3]
  1. Requires completion of the "Trust Goes Both Ways" quest to claim.
  2. This weapon will have Deepsight Resonance when claimed.
  3. This upgrade can only be claimed after all Throne World Engrams have been claimed from Fynch.

The rewards from rank 13 to 30 are initially hidden, and are revealed after the Witch Queen campaign is completed. While unrevealed, they use the following icon, name, and description:

Fynch Confidential icon.jpg Confidential
A reward that Fynch is not yet ready to reveal.


The following is a list of the Throne World reputation rewarded from various activities.

Activity Reputation Gained
1 Altar of Reflection completion 250
1 Lucent Moth collected 250
1 Heroic Public Event completion 130
1 The Wellspring completion (normal) 125
1 normal Public Event completion 120
1 Heroic patrol completion 80
1 Lucent Executioner chest opened 70
1 patrol completion 40
1 High-Value Target chest opened 40
1 daily Throne World bounty completion 50
1 repeatable Throne World bounty completion 20
1 chest opened in patrol area 20
1 Fundamental Osmium collected 20


Upgrades to various aspects of the Throne World's content, as well as the Deepsight ability, can be unlocked as rewards by increasing rank with Fynch.

Deepsight Upgrade Tier 2 icon.jpg Deepsight Upgrade: Tier 2
Upgrades the Deepsight ability to provide additional functionality.
  • This upgrade allows Tier 2 Deepsight orbs in the Throne World patrol zone to be interacted with.

Fynch Campaign Upgrade icon.jpg Activity: Replayable Campaign Missions at Higher Difficulties
Unlocks access to higher difficulties for replayable campaign missions.
  • This upgrade unlocks a campaign mission icon on the Throne World map. This mission rotates weekly and can be played on Hero, Legend, and Master difficulties.

Deepsight Upgrade Tier 3 icon.jpg Deepsight Upgrade: Tier 3
Upgrades the Deepsight ability to provide additional functionality.
  • This upgrade allows Tier 3 Deepsight orbs in the Throne World patrol zone to be interacted with.

Fynch Wellspring Upgrade icon.jpg Activity: The Wellspring Higher Difficulties
Unlocks access to higher difficulties for the Wellspring.
  • This upgrade unlocks Master difficulty for The Wellspring (both Attack and Defend).

Throne World Engram Upgrade icon.jpg Throne World Engram Upgrade
Increased rewards from Throne World Engrams. Each engram will contain:
- Throne World weapon (already acquired)
- Stack of Resonant Alloys


Players must first acquire the Trust Goes Both Ways quest before they can purchase bounties from Fynch.


Fynch sells 4 randomly chosen Throne World bounties daily for text-center250 each. They each reward XP+ and Throne World rank.


Fynch offers repeatable Throne World bounties for text-center3000 each. They each reward XP and Throne World rank.