The Gift of Appreciation

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The Gift of Appreciation
Fynch WQ Quest icon.jpg
Season 16
Type Quest
Rarity Legendary
Steps 5
Previous Trust Goes Both Ways
Vendors Fynch
Rewards Forensic Nightmare

The Gift of Appreciation is a Legendary Quest. It is a side quest in The Witch Queen campaign.

1. The Gift of Appreciation


Defeat Scorn in the Miasma to obtain 10 Umbral Helmets.

Fynch knows the Lucent Brood won't sit idle if Scorn come calling. He asks you to grab whatever you can from the Scorn and use it as bait to draw out the Hive.


Umbral Helmets obtained: 10

2. The Gift of Appreciation


Locate all region chests.

Fynch knows the Hive you're attempting to draw out will put up a tough fight. He's located a few stockpiles around the Throne World to give you an advantage.


Region chests looted: 9

3. The Gift of Appreciation


Defeat Lucent Brood and complete a public event in the Florescent Canal.

Fynch thinks it's time to rile up the Hive Lightbearers. To that end, he asks you to get out there and take down Hive wherever you find them.


  • Lucent Brood defeated: 100
  • Public event completed: 1

4. The Gift of Appreciation


Within the Queen's Bailey, place the Umbral Helmets and defeat the Hive Lightbearers, then crush their Ghosts.

Now that the Hive Lightbearers are sufficiently irked, it's time to use those Scorn Helmets to draw them out and defeat them.


Hive Ghosts crushed: 3

5. The Gift of Appreciation


Return to Fynch.

Fynch is thrilled to keep playing a role in the fight against Savathûn. He has a little something to show you his appreciation. Pay him a visit.


Unspecified Goal: 1


Forensic nightmare icon1.jpg Stasis Forensic Nightmare
Primary ammo Submachine Gun