Throne World Engram

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Throne World Engram
Legendary engram icon1.png
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description An engram with shifting markers.

Contains previously acquired Throne World gear or weapons. Once upgraded, this engram rewards previously acquired Throne World weapons and a stack of Resonant Alloys.

Throne World Engram is a variant of the Legendary Engram.


Players get a Throne World Engram as a reward for each rank increase with Fynch in Savathûn's Throne World. Rank can be increased by completing activities in the Throne World.

The Throne World Engram Upgrade can be unlocked by reaching Rank 30 with Fynch. This will restrict possible rewards to weapons only, and will also reward 5 Resonant Alloy icon.jpg Resonant Alloys.

Possible Rewards

An item must be unlocked in Collections in order to decrypt from this engram.