Grand Overture

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Grand Overture
Grand overture icon1.jpg
Season 16
Type Machine Gun
Slot Power
Ammo Heavy
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Arc
Description It's not over until the vast red artificial intelligence sings.
Impact 53
Range 86
Stability 82
Handling 70
Reload Speed 64
Rounds Per Minute 100
Magazine 70
Zoom 17
Inventory Size 45
Aim Assistance 60
Recoil 59
Bounce Intensity 41
Bounce Direction Tends Right
Season of the Risen Icon.png Season of the Risen
Season Pass Reward.
Exotic Archive icon.png Monument to Lost Lights
The Witch Queen Exotics.
Grand Overture PvP Stats

Grand Overture is a Exotic Machine Gun.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • Wrath of the colossus icon1.png Wrath of the Colossus - Heavy slug launcher that charges, then fires full auto while the trigger is held.



Trait 1

  • Omega strike icon1.png Omega Strike - Land hits with the slug launcher to load missiles,[Alternate Weapon Action] and then fire to launch several missiles in a volley.

Trait 2

  • Hand-Laid Stock icon.png Hand-Laid Stock — This weapon is optimized for recoil control.
    • Increases stability.


  • Grand Overture Catalyst perk icon.png Grand Overture Catalyst — Missile explosions will blind combatants. Those defeated by missile impacts then explode.

Grand Overture Catalyst is obtained by completing the Heavy Does It quest. Its upgrade is unlocked by defeating enemies with this weapon.

The Catalyst increases Grand Overture's Handling and Stability by 20, gives it the Grand Overture Catalyst perk, and Masterworks it.


It's not over until the vast red artificial intelligence sings.

"So. You're the new guy." Ana Bray cracks a half smile. "Can't be worse than the last Psions that Red and I dealt with." She impatiently taps her heel on her workshop bench as the Psion hurriedly checks linkages and nodes on the neural coupling device around her head.

Words and images skip across Ana's mind like stones. "Remain calm. Even though you are defenseless, I do not possess a starship." A sound resembling laughter follows.

"Funny." Ana chuckles impatiently. "Okay! I've been setting this up for months. Are you done with the safety checks?"

Jinju flies by Ana and runs a scan over the engram. "Be nice."

A digital timepiece drains toward zero while the Psion inundates her mind with questions.

"My Light, Splicer tech, brain tubes. Yeah, I got it," Ana says. "Plug my brain into Red already and let's do this." Her voice quickens with excitement. The Psion finishes linking cables to a Splicer-tech receptacle housing Rasputin's engram and gives Ana an awkward thumb pointing up.

The Psion forms an interlocking image in her mind: a tangle of wires. Slowly, her perspective sifts through them and stops at a radiant center. She hears the words, 'Forgotten vestige, made remembered.'

"That's the plan, Pstan!" Ana exclaims. "Drop me in; I can already hear the Tchaikovsky." She stares down the ticking timer: 3… 2… 1…

Ana blinks. She stands in a vast thicket of thorn and rot. A warmth radiates from deep within the thicket.

Ana blinks. She presses through bramble as barbs draw blood. Her sense of self wavers. She finds her grip on a searing-hot spike, shifting her senses red like an adrenal rush.

Ana blinks. She kneels at the spike and rips it from the ground. A Valkyrie javelin is in her grasp.

Ana blinks. The thorned vines around her recoil and wither in the heat. She feels something within the javelin, faint and weak, but alive.


Grand Overture1.jpg

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