Accurized Rounds

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Accurized Rounds
Accurized rounds icon1.png
Type Magazines
Range 10
Description This weapon can fire long distances.
Auto Rifles Yellowjacket-3AU, Martyr's Make, Home Again, Valakadyn, Perseverance, Solemn Hymn, Restoration VIII, Positive Outlook, Orimund's Anvil
Hand Cannons Sunshot, Pribina-D, Presto-48, The Old Fashioned, West of Sunfall 7, The Defiant, Nature of the Beast, Jack Queen King 3, Crimson
Pulse Rifles Graviton Lance, Psi Termina II, Eystein-D, Swift Ride, The Time-Worn Spire, Autumn Wind, Infinite Paths 8, Legal Action II, Impromptu-49
Scout Rifles Seven-Six-Five, Contingency Plan
Sidearms Recital-17, Roderic-C, The Rattler, Minimum Distance, Interregnum XVI, Enigma's Draw, The Fool's Remedy, Traveler's Judgment 5
Submachine Guns Resonance-42, Philippis-B, Stochastic Variable, New City
Shotguns Legend of Acrius, Somerled-D, Badlands Mk.24, Deadpan Delivery, Gravity Slingshot, Perfect Paradox, Gunnora's Axe
Sniper Rifles Damietta-LR2, Shepherd's Watch, Maestro-46

Accurized Rounds is a Magazine Perk.

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