Seasonal Focusing

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Seasonal Focusing
Umbral engram focusing icon1.jpg
Season 16
Type Quest
Rarity Legendary
Steps 4
Vendors Master Rahool
Rewards Shadow Market, Glimmer

Seasonal Focusing is a Legendary Quest.

This quest replaces the Decrypting the Darkness quest as the Umbral Engram tutorial.

1. Unfocused Decryption


Ask Rahool to decrypt the Umbral Engram.

Rahool can decrypt an Umbral Engram into a random piece of gear at no additional cost.


Umbral Engram decrypted: 1


  • When interacting with Master Rahool, if this quest has not been acquired previously, he will offer the player an Umbral Engram. Claiming the Umbral Engram begins this quest.

2. War Table Focusing


Travel to the H.E.L.M. via the Destinations tab in the Director, then walk forward to the War Table.

Explore the different focusing options for Umbral Engrams. Focusing allows you to turn Umbral Engrams into particularly potent rewards.


War Table visited: 1

3. Umbral Engram Focusing


At the War Table in the H.E.L.M., focus an Umbral Engram into a weapon or armor piece.

Focusing grants access to specific gear with your choice of high stats and increased chances of receiving extra perks.

Umbral Engrams can be found by completing activities throughout the system.


Umbral Engram focused: 1

4. Umbral Review


Return to Rahool in the Tower and speak to him about Umbral Engrams.

Rahool is pleased with your mastery of Umbral Engram focusing.


Spoke with Rahool: 1