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Master Rahool
Master Rahool.PNG
Name Master Rahool
Title Cryptarch
Race Awoken
Gender Male
Location The Tower
Description A senior representative of the Cryptarchy, Master Rahool decodes engrams and seeks the treasures of humanity's past.

Master Rahool is a vendor known as the Cryptarch. He can decrypt most engrams that are stored in the player's inventory into gear. He also exchanges various types of materials and currencies.


  • The Tower - In the Courtyard, to the right of the landing zone.



Each Ship costs Glimmer1.png5,000.


Each Sparrow costs Glimmer1.png5,000.

Materials Exchange

Master Rahool Materials Exchange icon.jpg
Rahool allows Guardians to exchange different materials and curios for Glimmer and other useful items.


Rahool allows players to purchase Glimmer1.pngGlimmer with various materials and currencies.

Material Exchange

Special Orders


Rahool allows players to exchanged deprecated destination materials for Glimmer1.pngGlimmer.

These options only appear if the player has more than a certain amount of the deprecated material in their inventory.

These options only appear if the player has at least 1 of a material in their inventory, but less than the thresholds mentioned above.

Focused Decoding

Master Rahool Focused Decoding icon.jpg

Players can acquire Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engrams that are stored in their Engrams inventory. These can be decrypted into random Exotic items by Master Rahool through a menu that appears on top of his vendor screen. By closing this menu, players can save their Exotic Engrams and access the Focused Decoding screen, where they can focus them into Exotic armor.

Note: new Exotic armor items will not be available for Focused Decoding until the season after they are added to the game.

The Focused Decoding menu provides two types of decryption: "Advanced Decryption" and "Precision Decryption".

Advanced Decryption

Advanced Decryption gives a random Exotic armor item from one of several smaller pools. For example, Beyond Light Armor Decryption will only drop Exotic armor from Year 4. Each option requires that the player own its associated expansion (if any), as well as have acquired all of that engram's contents for the current class in Collections. These engram options can be inspected to view their contents.

The following options are available for Advanced Decryption. Each Advanced Decryption option costs 1 Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engram, Glimmer1.png30,000, and 1 Ascendant Shard icon.jpg Ascendant Shard to focus.

Precision Decryption

Precision Decryption allows players to focus specific Exotic armor items at a higher price. This includes any items within the Advanced Decryption engrams.

In order to focus an item, it must be unlocked in Collections. Although players will usually need to own an expansion in order to acquire a specific item, owning an item's associated expansion is technically not a requirement for Precision Decryption. This means that, if the player obtains it through other means (for example, Ikora Rey's subclass mastery quests, or limited-time promotions), an Exotic armor item can be focused through Precision Decryption without owning its associated DLC.

Focusing an item through Precision Decryption costs 1 Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engram, Glimmer1.png60,000, 3 Ascendant Shard icon.jpg Ascendant Shards, and 1 Exotic Cipher icon.jpg Exotic Cipher.


Master Rahool offers a variety of other services.

Decrypt Engrams

While players decrypt most of the engrams they find on their own or at other vendors, only Master Rahool can open Prime Engrams and focusable Exotic Engrams. Rahool can also decrypt Umbral Engrams, Gambit Engrams, and Iron Engrams that may remain in the player's Engrams inventory.



These quests are no longer available.


  • Some Legendary Engrams from the Leviathan raids could only be decrypted by Rahool.
  • Prior to the Season of the Splicer, Rahool had a Shader Recycling service, which allowed players to dismantle Shaders in stacks of 5.
  • Prior to the Season of the Risen, Rahool sold Legendary Engrams that gave weapons and armor at the current Power Level floor.
  • The Glimmer and material exchange services were originally fulfilled by the Spider, but were moved to Rahool when the Tangled Shore was vaulted.
  • During the Season of the Risen, Rahool would allow players to purchase Glimmer1.png10,000 for 20 Etheric spiral icon1.jpg Etheric Spiral (the destination material from the Tangled Shore). This option was removed after the start of the Season of the Haunted.[1]
  • Rahool previously exchanged destination materials for Glimmer1.pngGlimmer, and sold materials for Legendary shards icon1.pngLegendary Shards. After destination materials were deprecated in Version 6.3.0 in the Season of the Seraph, players could still exchange materials for Glimmer, albeit at a lesser rate. Material costs for items such as Masterwork materials were also removed.[2]
  • After Amanda Holliday was removed from the Tower in the Season of Defiance, her wares were moved to Rahool, including her Ships, Sparrows, Transmat Effect exchange, and Prime Gaming rewards.
  • With the addition of the Special Deliveries kiosk in the Season of the Witch, various rewards were moved to from Rahool that vendor. This includes pre-order bonuses, "Secret Stash" rewards, and Prime Gaming rewards.
  • As of the Season of the Witch, Transmat Effects can no longer be reacquired from Collections as inventory items. As a result, Rahool's "Reconfigure Flair" service, giving a random Legendary Transmat Effect in exchange for a stack of three Rare Transmat Effects, appears to have been deprecated.
    • By reclaiming Rare Transmat Effects from Collections and then dismantling the Legendary Effects obtained from Rahool, this could be used as a slow and somewhat tedious method for converting Glimmer into Legendary Shards.

Patch History

    • Resonant and Harmonic Alloys have been removed from weapon crafting costs and will no longer drop from dismantling specific weapons. Players can exchange their existing inventory of these Alloys for Glimmer1.pngGlimmer by visiting Rahool in the Tower.
    • Mk. 44 stand asides icon1.jpg MK .44 Stand Asides and Khepris horn icon1.jpg Khepri's Horn now drop from the appropriate Red War focused engrams.
    • (NEW) Special Deliveries Kiosk - Promotional rewards that were previously claimable from Amanda Holliday and Master Rahool will now be delivered to and claimable at the Special Deliveries Kiosk in The Tower. It is located between Master Rahool and Banshee-44. Examples of items moving include: Prime Drops, Secret Stash rewards, pre-order items, and Annual Pass/Collector’s Edition rewards, among others.
    • For engram focusing that requires a specific yearly expansion to utilize (Exotic decryption on Rahool for example) the warning message telling you about the entitlement requirement (if you don't have it) should come before any other warning message on the decryption item.
    • Focusable Exotic engrams on Rahool now have previews that show all armor pieces your class could receive from that engram, or what pieces you need to acquire before you can focus it!
    • Transmats are now considered account-unlocks, and any Transmat in Collections will be available from your Ship Transmat menu. Any existing Transmat items can be safely dismantled.
      • UNLISTED: Transmat Effects can no longer be reacquired from Collections as inventory items. As a result, Master Rahool's Transmat Effect exchange service appears to have been deprecated.
    • Fixed an issue where Red War Exotic focusing could award incorrect Exotics.
    • Re-enabling Tier 1 Exotic Focusing on Master Rahool.
    • Exotic armor focused at Rahool now has similar stats to dropped Exotic armor.
  • 5/26/23[7]
    • Fixed an issue causing Exotic focusing to drop with lower stat rolls than intended.
  • 7.1.0[8]
    • We have added Exotic focusing options to Rahool:
      • Standard Decryption: Any Exotic engram can be decrypted into a random previously owned armor piece for free (current behavior).
      • Advanced Decryption: An Exotic engram can be focused into any armor from a specific expansion for a small cost. You must have previously acquired all Exotic armor for your class from an expansion to use this option.
      • Precision Decryption: An Exotic engram can be focused into a specific piece of armor you have previously acquired for a higher cost.
    • All Exotics from any source should now drop with higher average stats, and more frequent spikes.
    • Rewards for the Crucible Playlist Challenge, Weekly Strike Challenge, and Weekly Gambit Challenge have been changed to a Powerful focusable Exotic engram.
    • The following Exotic engram rewards have been changed from auto-decrypt to focusable:
      • Season Pass paid and free tracks
      • Vendor reputation tracks (after the first reset)
      • World drops
    • Moved the Twitch gift sub bounty rewards back to the Cryptarch.
    • Twitch Gift Sub Bounty reward now correctly appears in the Cryptarch.
    • Umbral engrams are no longer used to focus seasonal weapons and armor and will no longer drop from the game.
      • UNLISTED: Umbral Engram icon.png Umbral Engrams that remain in the player's inventory can be decrypted by Master Rahool.[12]
    • UNLISTED: Due to Amanda Holliday's absence from the Tower, her Ships, Sparrows, Transmat Effect exchange, and Prime Gaming rewards have been moved to Master Rahool.
  • 6.3.0[2]
    • Rahool will no longer sell destination materials.
    • Players who have destination materials on their account will still be able to exchange them for Glimmer at Rahool, although at a reduced rate compared to what is currently offered.
      • Current exchange rate: 20 destination materials = 10,000 Glimmer1.pngGlimmer.
      • Rahool will provide context sensitive offers that will display depending on how many of each material players have in their inventory, offers will be invisible to players who do not have any destination materials.
        • New exchange rate: 20 destination materials = 5,000 Glimmer1.pngGlimmer.
          • Offers are Only visible if players have more than 20 of the associated material in their inventory.
        • New exchange rate: 1 destination material = 250 Glimmer1.pngGlimmer.
          • Offers are only visible if players have less than 20, but more than zero of the associated material in their inventory.
        • This will be the only use for destination materials beyond Season 19.
        • These offers are unavailable for previously deprecated materials such as Etheric spiral icon1.jpg Etheric Spirals, Alkane dust icon1.jpg Alkane Dust, Phaseglass needle icon1.jpg Phaseglass Needles, or Seraphite icon1.jpg Seraphite.
          • We don’t want players to feel bad if they have thrown these resources away.
    • Rahool now allows players to exchange the following materials for Glimmer:
    • Fixed an issue where players weren't receiving the Seashore Pack at the Eververse store.
      • Players can now grab their loot from Cryptarch.
  • 4.1.0[14]
    • Updated the names and descriptions for some vendor engrams. Engram items titled "Gear" should directly reward you with an item of that type, while engrams items titled "Engram" should reward you with a decryptable engram you can bring to Rahool or focus at a vendor.
  • 4.0.1[15]
    • Fixed an issue where Rahool Destination Material purchase options were not rotating with daily reset.
    • Rahool's destination materials now are sold for stacks of five for one Legendary Shard, matching Spider's previous exchange rates.
    • Fixed an issue where the weekly limit for Ascendant Alloy purchases was not resetting at Master Rahool.
    • Added a one-time purchase of two Ascendant Alloys for the cost of one.
    • Rahool’s destination materials are now sold for stacks of 5 and 1 Legendary Shard, matching Spider’s previous exchange rates.
    • After many months of dutiful service, the Prismatic Recaster is removed from the H.E.L.M.
      • Rahool in the Tower has risen to the challenge and can now decode Umbral engrams.
    • Master Rahool now offers a Material Exchange and will be the source for purchasing Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards.
  • 3.0.1[19]
    • Fixed a bug preventing Rahool's icon from flashing when Beyond Light bonus items were available to claim.
    • Fixed an issue where the Cryptarch beacon would not activate when acquiring the Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals Silver/Emote platform offer.
  • 2.9.0[21]
    • Season 8 and Season 9 Season Pass and Exotic quest weapons can be acquired from the Cryptarchs.
  • 2.1.0[22]
    • Fixed an issue that caused several shaders to be unavailable for bulk exchange at Rahool


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