Master Rahool

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Master Rahool
Master Rahool.PNG
Name Master Rahool
Title Cryptarch
Race Awoken
Gender Male
Location The Tower
Description A senior representative of the Cryptarchy, Master Rahool decodes engrams and seeks the treasures of humanity's past.

Master Rahool is the Cryptarch vendor.


  • The Tower - In the Courtyard, to the right of the landing zone.



  • Purchase text-centerGlimmer (10,000) — Either text-center10, or 20 destination materials
    • Note: Two of these options are available, with the costs rotating daily.
  • 5 destination materialstext-center1
    • Note: Four different types of materials are available for purchase, rotating daily.

Material Exchange

Special Orders


Master Rahool offers a variety of minor services.

Decrypt Engrams

While players decrypt most of the engrams they find on their own, only Cryptarchs can open Prime Engrams. Rahool can also decrypt Umbral Engrams, Gambit Engrams, and Iron Engrams. These engrams will only give random rewards from their respective loot pools when decrypted by Rahool, as only certain vendors can focus them into specific items.

Special Offers

When the player is eligible for special rewards, such as pre-order cosmetics, they can acquire these from Master Rahool.



Patch History

  • 4.1.0[2]
    • Updated the names and descriptions for some vendor engrams. Engram items titled "Gear" should directly reward you with an item of that type, while engrams items titled "Engram" should reward you with a decryptable engram you can bring to Rahool or focus at a vendor.
  • 4.0.1[3]
    • Fixed an issue where Rahool Destination Material purchase options were not rotating with daily reset.
    • Rahool's destination materials now are sold for stacks of five for one Legendary Shard, matching Spider's previous exchange rates.
    • Fixed an issue where the weekly limit for Ascendant Alloy purchases was not resetting at Master Rahool.
    • Added a one-time purchase of two Ascendant Alloys for the cost of one.
    • Rahool’s destination materials are now sold for stacks of 5 and 1 Legendary Shard, matching Spider’s previous exchange rates.
    • After many months of dutiful service, the Prismatic Recaster is removed from the H.E.L.M.
      • Rahool in the Tower has risen to the challenge and can now decode Umbral engrams.
    • Master Rahool now offers a Material Exchange and will be the source for purchasing Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards.
  • 3.0.1[7]
    • Fixed a bug preventing Rahool's icon from flashing when Beyond Light bonus items were available to claim.
    • Fixed an issue where the Cryptarch beacon would not activate when acquiring the Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals Silver/Emote platform offer.
  • 2.9.0[9]
    • Season 8 and Season 9 Season Pass and Exotic quest weapons can be acquired from the Cryptarchs.
  • 2.1.0[10]
    • Fixed an issue that caused several shaders to be unavailable for bulk exchange at Rahool


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