Special Deliveries

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Special Deliveries
Special Deliveries Vendor01.jpg
Name Special Deliveries
Title Special Deliveries
Location The Tower
Description Receive special gifts and rewards from various sources.

Special Deliveries is a vendor kiosk.


It is located in the Tower Courtyard, in the corridor between Banshee-44 and Master Rahool.


Various promotional items can be claimed from this vendor when the player receives them. This can include, among other things:

  • Expansion pre-order items;
  • Annual Pass and Collector's Edition rewards;
  • "Secret Stash" Deluxe Edition rewards;
  • Prime Gaming (Twitch) reward bundles;
  • Items obtained from other third-party promotions.


Patch History

    • (NEW) Special Deliveries Kiosk - Promotional rewards that were previously claimable from Amanda Holliday and Master Rahool will now be delivered to and claimable at the Special Deliveries Kiosk in The Tower. It is located between Master Rahool and Banshee-44. Examples of items moving include: Prime Drops, Secret Stash rewards, pre-order items, and Annual Pass/Collector’s Edition rewards, among others.


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