Gambit Engram

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Gambit Engram
Gambit Engram icon.png
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description An engram with complex markers.

Contains a random Legendary Gambit weapon or armor piece. Can be focused at The Drifter.
Vendor The Drifter

Gambit Engram is a Legendary Engram.


1 engram is given as a reward for every rank increased with the Drifter. Rank can be increased by completing Gambit matches.

This engram's quantity can be viewed using the Engram Tracker icon.jpg Engram Tracker.


Claiming a Gambit Engram from the Drifter's vendor screen will immediately decrypt it into a Gambit weapon or armor item from the current loot pool. They do not need to be taken to Master Rahool to decrypt them.

Players can focus Gambit Engrams into specific weapons and armor items from the current loot pool by purchasing those items through Drifter's vendor screen. The Focused Decoding menu contains weapons and armor from the current loot pool, while Legacy Gear contains older armor sets that are no longer in rotation. The engrams are automatically consumed when the player purchases an item.


For Focused Decoding and Legacy Gear options, see The Drifter.

Gambit Engrams can drop the following items, as of the Season of the Deep.


Weapons will drop with one trait in the third and fourth perk columns. Resetting rank with The Drifter will allow weapons to drop with additional traits in these columns. More resets will allow weapons to drop with more traits, up to 4 resets.[1] Engrams do not need to be claimed or focused before resetting rank, so it is possible to save them for later in order for their rewards to have a chance to drop with additional traits.

The seasonal Gambit playlist weapon is Laser painter icon1.jpg Laser Painter, a Linear Fusion Rifle. This weapon can only be obtained as a drop from completing Gambit matches. It will be added to this engram in the next Season.


Titan Hunter Warlock
Helmet Viperidax Helmet Titan icon.jpg Viperidax Helmet Viperidax helmet icon1.jpg Viperidax Helmet Viperidax hood icon1.jpg Viperidax Hood
Gauntlets Viperidax gauntlets icon1.jpg Viperidax Gauntlets Viperidax grips icon1.jpg Viperidax Grips Viperidax gloves icon1.jpg Viperidax Gloves
Chest Armor Viperidax plate icon1.jpg Viperidax Plate Viperidax vest icon1.jpg Viperidax Vest Viperidax robes icon1.jpg Viperidax Robes
Leg Armor Viperidax greaves icon1.jpg Viperidax Greaves Viperidax strides icon1.jpg Viperidax Strides Viperidax boots icon1.jpg Viperidax Boots
Class Item Viperidax mark icon1.jpg Viperidax Mark Viperidax cloak icon1.jpg Viperidax Cloak Viperidax bond icon1.jpg Viperidax Bond

Patch History

      • Legacy Gear focusing options added to the Drifter.[3]
      • Gambit Engrams no longer need to be claimed, and can now be decrypted through Drifter's vendor screen.
    • The Drifter now offers weapon and armor focusing.
      • New Gambit engrams can be spent on focused equipment from the Drifter, or be decrypted by Master Rahool.


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