Engram Tracker

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Engram Tracker
Engram Tracker icon.jpg
Name Engram Tracker
Season 20
Rarity Exotic
Description Monitors your engram balance at each vendor:
Vanguard: 0
Crucible: 0
Trials: 0
Gambit: 0
Iron Banner: 0
War Table: 0
Sonar Station: 0
Ritual Table: 0
Vendor Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, Saint-14, The Drifter, Lord Saladin, War Table (Season 20), Sonar Station, Ritual Table

Engram Tracker is an item added in the Season of Defiance.


The Engram Tracker can be obtained for free from any of the vendors that it tracks (see Usage below). If discarded, it can be reacquired from any of the tracked vendors at no cost.

Vendor Interaction

This interaction text is displayed only when acquiring the Engram Tracker for the first time from any vendor.

Engram Tracker
A recorded message from Master Rahool plays when you pick up the engram tracker:

"Guardian! This is a new device of my own manufacture. It will allow you to monitor the number of engrams available at each of the vendors in the Tower."

"If you ever lose it, you can pick up a new one from any of those vendors. I look forward to seeing you deploy this device."

Engram Tracker icon.jpg Engram Tracker


Hovering over the Engram Tracker in the Inventory menu will display the player's current quantity of certain vendor Engrams on the tooltip, including the following: