Witch's Engram

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Witch's Engram
Witch's Engram icon.png
Season 22
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description An engram containing Season of the Witch weapons and armor.
Source Season of the Witch
Vendor Ritual Table

Witch's Engram is an Engram from the Season of the Witch.


Witch's Engrams are stored on the Ritual Table's vendor screen, not in the player's engram inventory. Their quantity can be viewed using the Engram Tracker icon.jpg Engram Tracker item.

Witch's Engrams can drop when completing Savathûn's Spire and Altars of Summoning activities. Opening a Witch's Chest with a Witch's Key icon.jpg Witch's Key at the end of these activities may improve the chance for a Witch's Engram to drop. This engram's contents can also drop when completing Savathûn's Spire or Altars of Summoning.

Players get a Witch's Engram as a reward for each rank increase with the Ritual Table.

5 Witch's Engrams can be obtained from the Lectern of Divination by collecting their corresponding Opaque Card icon.png Opaque Cards.

Seasonal Bonuses

The following seasonal bonuses (unlocked at the Lectern of Divination by collecting their corresponding Opaque Card icon.png Opaque Cards) can affect the acquisition of Witch's Engrams:

  • Deck of Whispers Empowered Unlocking icon.png Empowered Unlocking: Using your Witch's Keys will award additional Witch's Engrams.


Claiming a Witch's Engram from the Ritual Table's vendor screen will immediately decrypt it into a Seasonal weapon or armor item.

At the Ritual Table, players can focus Witch's Engrams into specific seasonal engrams, weapons, and armor by purchasing those items from the Witch's Engram Decoding sub-menu. The engrams are consumed when the player purchases an item.


For Focused Decoding options, see the Ritual Table.

Witch's Engrams can drop the following items when decrypted.



Titan Hunter Warlock
Helmet Veiled tithes helm icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Helm Veiled tithes mask icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Mask Veiled tithes hood icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Hood
Gauntlets Veiled tithes gauntlets icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Gauntlets Veiled tithes grips icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Grips Veiled tithes gloves icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Gloves
Chest Armor Veiled tithes plate icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Plate Veiled tithes vest icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Vest Veiled tithes robes icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Robes
Leg Armor Veiled tithes greaves icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Greaves Veiled tithes strides icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Strides Veiled tithes boots icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Boots
Class Item Veiled tithes mark icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Mark Veiled tithes cloak icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Cloak Veiled tithes bond icon1.jpg Veiled Tithes Bond