Trials Engram (Trials of Osiris)

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Trials Engram (Trials of Osiris)
Trials Engram Osiris icon.png
Season 15
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description An engram containing a random Trials of Osiris Legendary weapon or armor piece.
Vendor Saint-14

Trials Engram is a Legendary Engram.


Players get a Trials Engram as a reward for each rank increase with Saint-14. Rank can be increased by completing Trials of Osiris matches.

This engram's quantity can be viewed using the Engram Tracker icon.jpg Engram Tracker.


Claiming a Trials Engram from Saint-14's vendor screen will immediately decrypt it into a Trials weapon or armor item from the current loot pool. They do not need to be taken to Master Rahool to decrypt them.

Players can focus Trials Engrams into specific weapons and armor items from the current loot pool by purchasing those items through Saint-14's vendor screen. The Focused Decoding menu contains weapons and armor from the current loot pool, while Legacy Gear contains older weapons and armor sets that are no longer in rotation. The engrams are automatically consumed when the player purchases an item.


For Focused Decoding and Legacy Gear options, see Saint-14.

Trials Engrams can drop the following items, as of the Season of the Deep.



Titan Hunter Warlock
Helmet Atavistic idol helmet icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Helmet Atavistic idol mask icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Mask Atavistic idol hood icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Hood
Gauntlets Atavistic idol gauntlets icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Gauntlets Atavistic idol grips icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Grips Atavistic idol gloves icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Gloves
Chest Armor Atavistic idol plate icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Plate Atavistic idol vest icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Vest Atavistic idol vestments icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Vestments
Leg Armor Atavistic idol greaves icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Greaves Atavistic idol strides icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Strides Atavistic idol boots icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Boots
Class Item Atavistic idol mark icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Mark Atavistic idol cloak icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Cloak Atavistic idol bond icon1.jpg Atavistic Idol Bond

Patch History

    • Fixed an issue where wins on a seven-win Trials Passage would reward unfocusable Trials of Osiris engrams.
    • UNLISTED: Legacy Gear focusing options added to Saint-14.[3]
  • 4.1.0[4]
    • New Trials weapons can now be earned via Saint-14's reputation rewards track before they can be decrypted from Trials Engrams.
      • Complete matches of Trials of Osiris to earn reputation with Saint-14.
      • Please make our favorite space uncle proud. Thanks.
  • 3.3.0[5]
    • UNLISTED: Changes mentioned in "Trials of Osiris: The Revamp Begins"[6]
      • Saint-14 is getting new Trials ranks, reputation, and a rewards track.
      • Trials engrams now decrypt to a random selection from current armor and non-Adept weapons.
        • You do not need to unlock a piece of armor or weapon before it shows up in the engram.
      • You can Focus your engrams at Saint-14 to decrypt specific items that you have already received.
        • If you have gone Flawless that week, you CAN Focus additional drops of the weekly Adept weapon.
        • Expect it to be a bit... expensive.


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