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“The one where we talk about Guardian Ranks and Commendations.”
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Type Hotfix
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Released March 16, 2023
External Link Hotfix[1]
Version History
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Seasonal Exotic Activity

  • Animation changes made to the Data Collection boss encounter in The Variable Exotic mission that had the potential to cause issues with photosensitive players.

Player Journey

  • Increased drop rate for Exotic armor in Legend and Master Lost Sectors when playing solo.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the “Vex Incursion Countermeasures” weekly bounty from resetting at rest.
  • Fixed an issue where players on their alternate characters could not progress the Hall of Heroes intro quest after interacting with the statues early.
    • Any players who ran into this issue may now progress normally.


  • Made an adjustment to how the Return to Orbit option is triggered after completing a specific Battleground.
    • Previous implementation enabled mistakenly skipping end-of-mission cinematics when returning to orbit from the Commendations screen.

Gameplay and Investment


  • Fixed an issue where some Artifact mods were not properly proccing text-center Anti-Barrier capabilities.
  • Hunters: Fixed an issue where Volatile Rounds granted by the Gyrfalcon's hauberk icon1.jpg Gyrfalcon's Hauberk exotic chest were not providing text-center Void weapons with text-center anti-barrier capabilities.
  • Armor Scavenger Mod: Fixed an issue where Jötunn icon1.jpg Jötunn would get an unintentional boost in ammo, particularly in PvP, with the Solar Scavenger mod equipped on a player’s chest armor.
    • Put. The toaster. Down.



Power and Progression

  • Guardian Ranks: To more closely match the goals of Guardian Ranks, we have reduced the required Commendations score to complete objectives across all Guardian Ranks.
    • UNLISTED: New Commendation requirements:
      • Rank 7: 460 (was 750);
      • Rank 8: 790 (was 1,250);
      • Rank 9: 1,290 (was 1,750);
      • Rank 10: 1,530 (was 5,000);
      • Rank 11: 1,800 (was 6,000).[2]
  • Guardian Ranks: Rank-8 objectives require tier-3 difficulty or higher.
    • Fixed an issue where only tier-4 or higher applied towards Rank progression.
  • Commendations: Players can no longer offer Commendations to others following a failed mission activity.


  • Fixed an issue where Guardians and their weapons were not rendering properly, effectively making them appear as “invisible” when in-game.
  • Twitch Gift Sub Bounty reward now correctly appears in the Cryptarch.


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