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Location Nessus
Zone Arcadian Valley
Landing Zone No
Adventures Hack the Planet
Vex Enemy Groups 3
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 7
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 3
Connections Watcher's Grave, Sunken Cavern, Artifact's Edge, Glade of Echoes
Hallows is a Sector in Arcadian Valley, Nessus.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to Watcher's Grave: Straight north of this Sector's central area, players can find the tunnel leading to Watcher's Grave.
  • Exit to Artifact's Edge: Unlike most ways to a different sector, this one is not near the edge of Hallows. Instead, it occupies a large area of the southern portion of the Sector. It is a massive hole in the ground which allows access to Artifact's Edge once players drop through it. Around it, Guardians can also find a number of material nodes, a region chest, and a scannable object.
  • Exit to Glade of Echoes: On the southern edge of Hallows, players can find several huge blocks of Vex construction. These mark the way towards the Glade of Echoes.
  • Exit to Sunken Cavern: Straight east of the Vex Summoning Portal, players can find the tunnel to the Sunken Cavern Sector.
  • Vex Summoning Portal: This area is heavily guarded by Vex forces, including a Hydra. It is also where the Spire Integration public event takes place.
  • Rocky Alcove: Just southwest of the exit to Artifact's Edge, players can find a rocky alcove where the Skirmish Secret Public Event takes place in this sector. It is adjacent to the main thoroughfare.


Public Events



Region Chests

  • A region chest can be found just off the road towards Watcher's Grave. It is hidden among some tree branches, west of the main road.
  • Just northeast of the drop towards Artifact's Edge, players can find a region chest. It is located on a ceiling alcove.
  • On the perimeter of the hole towards Artifact's Edge, players can find a region chest. It is hidden on a ledge on the southwest side of the pit.

Scannable Objects

  • Just west of the exit to Sunken caves, there is a small ledge with a rock block where players can find a scannable object.
  • Northwest of the large pit to Artifact's Edge, players can find a scannable object. They should look for the orange glow around the region chest in the same area.
  • Along the southern edge of the sector, west of the Adventure beacon, players can find a dead Vex Goblin. It is a scannable object.


  • The entire Sector is overrun with Vex. Their main forces can be found at the Vex Summoning Portal, where a Hydra is very likely to be.
  • During the Skirmish Secret Public Event, Fallen will spawn at the Rocky Alcove area.