Spire Integration

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The Vex are at it again. Wanna bet they're converting Europa into another machine world? We better put a stop to it.
—Ghost, Spire Integration public event starting on Europa.

Spire Integration is a Public Event added in Red War.



The Tangle Watcher's Grave Hallows Glade of Echoes Exodus Black
Asterion Abyss Cadmus Ridge


Giant's Scar


A Spire appears in the area and Vex enemies try to reach it. When a Vex gets close, it will integrate into the Spire after a short amount of time. After 10 integrations, the event fails. Players have to defend the Spire from the Vex for the duration of the event.

On Europa, Wyvern enemies will spawn along with the other types of Vex enemies.

This event can be made Heroic by swiftly capturing three sync plates located around the Spire. The plates are initially hidden, and appear when a player steps on one, but can be detected using faint white trails in the air, which the Spire emits in their direction. Defending the Spire while capturing a plate can be difficult, especially while solo, as it is not always possible to get a clear view of the Spire and the spawning enemies from a single plate. Sync plates disappear when captured. If all plates are captured before the event's timer hits the one minute mark, the event becomes Heroic. This will cause powerful Vex enemies to spawn endlessly from a specific location until the timer runs out. The previous Vex enemy spawn points will become inactive. The players need to continue to protect the Spire from the Vex for the remaining duration of the event to complete it.