Hack the Planet

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Hack the Planet
Type Adventures
Number 07
Location Hallows, Nessus
Recommended Power 90
Description Find a way into the local Vex network so we can learn more about the planet.
Enemy Types Vex
Prerequisite Speak to Failsafe after completing the Story Mission Six.
Previous Exodus Siege
Next None
Equipment Yellowjacket-3AU, Rare Gear
Hack the Planet is an Adventure in Nessus.


Recommended Power: 90

Equipment Recommendations:

  • You will mostly be fighting Vex forces. Bring a rapid-firing Void-based weapon.


When the Adventure starts, move to the marked ledge and place the first beacon. Then, move to the next one and repeat the process before moving to the block pillar overlooking the arena with the Hydra. If you so wish, you can engage the random Vex enemies in the area, but it is not required for the progress of the Adventure.

Leave the area and head for Watcher's Grave. Upon entering, deal with the Goblins and Minotaur you will encounter. Then, fight your way towards the shallow cave entrance under the altar. Activate the access point and a white column will rise.

Head back to the spot where you encountered the first group of Vex in this Sector and you will find that a Vex cannon has appeared. Jump through it to propel yourself to a floating platform. Connect Failsafe with the mainframe you will find there.

Five floating cubes will appear. Shoot them all down and a second conduit will appear nearby for you to interact with. This will spawn in more cubes that you need to shoot down, along with some Goblins and Harpies. Keep shooting at whatever appears.

When you stabilize the area, the Gatekeeper will spawn in. Engage him, but don't use your most powerful abilities just yet. Each time you take down a third of his health, he will summon some Harpies and Goblins to cover his escape and teleport to a different area. Deal with the lesser foes he leaves behind, then track him down and continue the fight. During the last stage of this battle, he will grow to the size of a proper Gate Lord, so be prepared for that. That would be the moment to unleash your Super, Power Ammo, and whatever offensive abilities you've saved up until now.

Next up, you will have to rescue Failsafe by going through the Vex portal and into the Chamber of Water. There, you will have to repeat the cube-shooting activity until a[Mainframe Cyclops appears. Engage this foe, but make sure to stay in cover.

Once a third of its health is gone, it will hide behind a wall of cubes. Use them to your advantage by shooting them. The resulting explosions will finish off the Cyclops.

The Adventure ends when you release Failsafe from the nearby pedestal and teleport out of the Sector.