Chamber of Water

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Chamber of Water
Location Nessus
Zone Arcadian Valley
Landing Zone No
Vex Enemy Groups 2
Material Nodes Yes
Scannable Objects 1
Connections Watcher's Grave
Chamber of Water is a Sector in Arcadian Valley, Nessus.

Points of Interest

  • Exit to Watcher's Grave: This teleporter is located on the western edge of the Sector and it is the only way in and out of the Chamber of Water. Venturing west will take players through a narrow tunnel that leads to the First Chamber.
  • First Chamber: This is a narrow cavern that is guarded by a group of Vex. Traversing this area will take players to the Main Chamber.
  • Scannable Object: A thin pillar of white light can be found on the northeastern edge of the First Chamber. Unless an Adventure led you to Chamber of Water, this scannable object is the only reason to venture into the sector.
  • Main Chamber: East of the First Chamber, players will come across the Main Chamber. This area holds the majority of the Vex forces in the Sector.